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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

MILF Riding Your Big Dick

From a cock teaser to a cock pleaser, this hot MILF, in garter and stockings, wants to ride that big dick of yours. So, in this POV, virtual sex, dildo fucking clip I will do just that. I love the way your big cock fills up My sweet MILF pussy, that's why I give it long pleasing ride. I don't have to tell you anything. It will be clear what I want and you'll deliver your big, hard dick just the way I like it.. with Me in control.

Sinful Saratoga Smoking Pussy Tease

I know that you are a fan of My "sinful" clips so, you know what you are going to get to see today. I'm smoking a Saratoga while teasing you with the smoking, My shiny red vinyl thigh high boots and, of course, My sweet MILF pussy. Will you be able to contain yourself? This clip has all of your fetishes in it plus long legs, spread wide open and Heaven on full display, right on your screen. What are you waiting for? you don't want the gates of Heaven to close before you get in. Do you?

Red Hot Cigarlicious

It's no secret that this Lady loves cigars. Today I decided to get all dolled up in red vinyl thigh high boots and shiny, black, crotchless leggings to smoke one. We're going to find out just how strong your cigar smoking fetish is. I'm going to really tempt you with all of My lovely Lady parts. Do you really think that you can stay focused on My cigar? I don't. You will not be able to resist all of the feminine perfection that is about to be displayed on your screen. I truly enjoyed smoking My cigar and you're going to enjoy everything that you are about to see. It's your lucky day.

Girlfriend's Hot Mom Sucks you Dry

Ever since you began dating My daughter, I have made it clear that you are not permitted to have sex with her. I promised to get you off anytime that you were really horny and needed to unload. I have always kept that promise. I heard that you have special plans with My daughter tonight. you're planning on doing something with her that I would not approve of. I won't let that happen. I know that you love to watch Me smoke and I think that you will love Me sucking your cock while I do it. How does that sound? I knew you would agree. I'm the only person that understands your fetish. Sometimes I think that you only date My daughter so that you can keep hooking up with Me. Now get over here so I can suck that cock. I want your cum all over My big MILF titties. I'm going to take your cum and your erection, so that My daughter can remain chaste.

The Neighborhood Slut MILF

When I asked you to come over, I didn't expect you to show up before Me in your underwear. Appearantly the rumors about Me have gotten fully around town. You must have heard that I have been known to give blowjobs to some of the guys in the neighborhood. But you showing up in your unders implies that you think that I'm the neighborhood slut MILF. Well, maybe I am. So, I'm gonna suck your cock and get a huge load of cum on My big MILF Titties.

Sneaking A HandJob

My best friend's son is johnny boy. We've gotten together a few times for Me to give him a handjob or blowjob. But, it's been a while since we've done anything and, even though it's wrong, I've been craving him. I went to his parent's house for his dad's b-day. When everyone wanted to play a boardgame, I saw My chance to be sneaky. I tell everyone that I'll just go outside, have a smoke and read this magazine article about sex habits that you wouldn't tell your friends. How ironic since I have one of those habits. I grab My smokes and magazine and head downstairs. I quickly sneak back up, check if the coast is clear and slowly open johnny boy's bedroom door. I find him laying on the bed, as if he knew that I wouldn't be able to resist sneaking in. I waste no time getting on My knees and feeling his cock through his pants. He's already hard. Clearly he is as horny as I am. I don't have much time if I am to avoid getting caught by his parents, so I pull his pants down, light up a cigarette, grab My lube and go to work. I have to get this done quickly so, I do it in a way that I know he won't be able to last long. It seems that watching My smoke while stroking his cock with his parents just outside the door got him to the edge in a hurry. In a surprise move he stands up, I grab his cock and as I start to stroke it he cums on My face. I wasn't expecting him to do that and it was a massive load. How am I going to explain My shiny, glowing face to his mom? I tease him a bit about finishing so quickly and suggest we do this more often to build up his stamina. Afterall, how will he ever be able to fuck Me if smoking handjobs are more than he can handle?

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Thin Layer Of Sheer Nylon

All that separates you from your Heaven is a thin layer of sheer nylon. I'll visually tempt and tease you with all My lower Lady parts in this sexy ass clip. Perfect MILF ass, long sexy legs in Louboutin high heels and of course that sweet honeypot all covered by an oh so sheer layer of nylon. Will your cock get so hard that it could penetrate pantyhose. Let's find out.

Busty Mature Smoking Seductress

I'm not trying to seduce you. Really, I'm not. Enjoying a smoke is all that I want to do but, that seems to be a bit too much for you. What is it that makes it so easy for Me to captivate you? Is it the glittery heels? Maybe it's the shiny faux snake bodysuit. Perhaps it's that this busty MILF left the zipper open a bit and there is quite a lot of cleavage showing. It's probably the total package topped off by that sexy, long, white filtered VS120 cigarette that I'm smoking. All that smoke glowing from the lights only makes you more enticed. Mind you I haven't even said anything at this point. I actually don't need to, as there is something magical about My exhales. They make men weak for Me as they inhale the tiny particles of Me floating within the smoke.

Cum For Me Ass Lover

Did ya stop by for a piece of ass? I've got more than a piece to tease you with but, you're going to have to pull that cock out. I want you stroking for this MILF ass. It's gonna take all of your cum. How does that sound? Do ya got a thing for this ass? I know that you do because your cock is already hard and we're just getting started. I take care of the ass tease and masturbation instruction. you take care of delivering Me a massive load of cum at the end... when I say so, of course.

Damaging My Lungs

Custom Request - No Names Used: "Notes: hair, makeup, top, and camera angle like "take it deep with me." from 09/09/20.start by looking into camera and saying "i know you've always wanted to know,so i'll tell you;i've smoked 2 packs a day for going on 40 years" after a couple of your signature deep inhales, say "and yes i'm developing emphysema but i'll never quit,it kind of turns me on damaging my lungs and looking so glamorous sucking down those long Virginia slims120s".the smoking style should be as in the before mentioned clip;wide open-mouth snap-inhales(the wider open,the better)totally inflating your lungs to full capacity.after each drag comment on how deep you inhaled using phases like "stretched my lungs" "inflate my lungs" "expand my lungs" "think of the tar filling my air-sacs" if you do your dangling inhales,could you dangle by clenching the filter in your teeth?comment on how damaging your lungs turns you on and how you struggle to breath at times.couple of coughs here and there as well.i'll be honest Saratogas are my favourite but i realize they are hard to smoke in that style.if you think you can handle them,go for it.BUT ONLY if you can inhale them like your VS 120s.i'll leave that decision up to you.i'll be fine with the VS 120s if it means a deeper smoking style.i can't wait to let it fly. thanks hope you can help"

My Smoke In Your Lungs

I'll take your breath away today as I get all up in your screen and blow smoke in your face. I won't need words to captivate you. My smoke will do the work for Me. Besides, there is so much to see with My long french fingernails, sexy bare feet and tight leggings. All of that MILFy goodness taking up the pixels on your screen has been known to cause massive erections which require masturbation to relieve.

Smoke Deep Stroke And Stare

It's been a while since we smoke together. I'll bet you're just craving that first hit of nicotine. We're going to be taking it deep today. you know how much I love it deep. Do you think that you can stroke your cock while you smoke with Me? Let's do that. Wanna stare at My big MILF titties while you smoke deep with Me and stroke your cock? I can see that your cock loves that idea.

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My Smoking Takes your Cum

Watching Me smoke makes your cock hard. Watching Me smoke makes you need to jerk off. Watching Me smoke makes you want to cum. Well, I'm going to be smoking in a leotard, corset, pantyhose and high heels. your dick is going to be hard, you'll need to jerkoff and you'll want to cum. So, I'll encourage and intruct your stroking, both visually and verbally. I think it's time to accept that you have no control. My smoking takes your cum, regularly.

Ass Tease In Thigh Highs

Sexy MILF ass tease. I'm wearing a leotard, pantyhose and black thigh high vinyl boots. I know you love being teased and this is just the right combination of your favorite fetishes along with your craving for sweet MILF ass, to set you off and get you off.

More And Saratoga Smoking Goddess

There's a blonde Goddess on your screen and still you want More. So. I'll light up a More and smoke it for you up close. But, there's still more than just a More. When I reach the end I'll use it to light up a Saratoga and smoke it for you as well. Sexy smoking, up close, just the way you like and lots of white smoke. Don't get so caught up in the smoking that you forget to appreciate the long sexy fingernails and shiny DSLs, too.

Sinfulicious Smoking In Fishnets

My 'sinful' clip fans know what to expect from this - Big titties and sweet, tight, mature MILF pussy on full display. But it's really more than just that. I'm smoking a VS120 wearing a satin robe, lingerie, fishnet stockings with Loubie high heels. I'll smoke in that way that you like while I tease and reveal more of the lovely Lady bits that you crave to see.

More Smoking - More Stroking

Smoking and stroking is what you love. you always want more. So, today you get More. I'll smoke More while I instruct you stroking. As we get towards the end, I'll show you more... like My big MILF tits. I'll blow More smoke in your face while you stroke. I want more cum than you have ever ejaculated before. Can you give Me more jizz, since I gave you More smoking?

My Exhales Are For You

VS120 is the cigarette that I'm smoking today. I'm not going to be interrupting your experience with words but, I will be enjoying My inhales and giving you My exhales. Will you take in all of My second hand smoke? If you do, it will become part of you. It will take hold inside your body and make you mine. Are you ready for the consequences? Of course you are. You are already mine.

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