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Red Hot Cigarlicious

It's no secret that this Lady loves cigars. Today I decided to get all dolled up in red vinyl thigh high boots and shiny, black, crotchless leggings to smoke one. We're going to find out just how strong your cigar smoking fetish is. I'm going to really tempt you with all of My lovely Lady parts. Do you really think that you can stay focused on My cigar? I don't. You will not be able to resist all of the feminine perfection that is about to be displayed on your screen. I truly enjoyed smoking My cigar and you're going to enjoy everything that you are about to see. It's your lucky day.

Girlfriend's Hot Mom Sucks you Dry

Ever since you began dating My daughter, I have made it clear that you are not permitted to have sex with her. I promised to get you off anytime that you were really horny and needed to unload. I have always kept that promise. I heard that you have special plans with My daughter tonight. you're planning on doing something with her that I would not approve of. I won't let that happen. I know that you love to watch Me smoke and I think that you will love Me sucking your cock while I do it. How does that sound? I knew you would agree. I'm the only person that understands your fetish. Sometimes I think that you only date My daughter so that you can keep hooking up with Me. Now get over here so I can suck that cock. I want your cum all over My big MILF titties. I'm going to take your cum and your erection, so that My daughter can remain chaste.

The Neighborhood Slut MILF

When I asked you to come over, I didn't expect you to show up before Me in your underwear. Appearantly the rumors about Me have gotten fully around town. You must have heard that I have been known to give blowjobs to some of the guys in the neighborhood. But you showing up in your unders implies that you think that I'm the neighborhood slut MILF. Well, maybe I am. So, I'm gonna suck your cock and get a huge load of cum on My big MILF Titties.

Sneaking A HandJob

My best friend's son is johnny boy. We've gotten together a few times for Me to give him a handjob or blowjob. But, it's been a while since we've done anything and, even though it's wrong, I've been craving him. I went to his parent's house for his dad's b-day. When everyone wanted to play a boardgame, I saw My chance to be sneaky. I tell everyone that I'll just go outside, have a smoke and read this magazine article about sex habits that you wouldn't tell your friends. How ironic since I have one of those habits. I grab My smokes and magazine and head downstairs. I quickly sneak back up, check if the coast is clear and slowly open johnny boy's bedroom door. I find him laying on the bed, as if he knew that I wouldn't be able to resist sneaking in. I waste no time getting on My knees and feeling his cock through his pants. He's already hard. Clearly he is as horny as I am. I don't have much time if I am to avoid getting caught by his parents, so I pull his pants down, light up a cigarette, grab My lube and go to work. I have to get this done quickly so, I do it in a way that I know he won't be able to last long. It seems that watching My smoke while stroking his cock with his parents just outside the door got him to the edge in a hurry. In a surprise move he stands up, I grab his cock and as I start to stroke it he cums on My face. I wasn't expecting him to do that and it was a massive load. How am I going to explain My shiny, glowing face to his mom? I tease him a bit about finishing so quickly and suggest we do this more often to build up his stamina. Afterall, how will he ever be able to fuck Me if smoking handjobs are more than he can handle?

Fuck Me With Your Big Cock

In this POV, Virtual Sex, Dildo Fucking Clip, I light My VS120, clearly excited about what is to cum. I've wanted to feel your huge cock inside Me for so long. Have you thought about it, too? I'll smoke My cigarette while kissing, licking and sucking your cock. I'll tease you with that sweet MILF pussy that is soon to wrapped around your manhood. Are you ready to fuck Me? I'll turn around so that you can see My well oiled ass and I'll slowly put your big dick inside Me. Once I'm relaxed and ready, I'll ride your big cock, taking it balls deep. Who's going to cum first? Once I get mine, I'll light another VS120 and tell you how fucking great it was.

Mom's BFF Owns Your Cock

This Smoking, MILF, HandJob, Facial clip is the newest addition to the on going saga between Myself and My best friend's son johnny boy (you). In this new episode I am sitting on My couch, lounging in pantyhose, smoking a cigarette and reading My magazine when johnny boy texts Me. This is the first time that he has initiated contact. I call him back to see what's up. (Pun intended) He informs Me that his parents have gone out to dinner and would like to stop by for some random reason. I call him out on his silly excuse. I know what he wants... he has a hard cock and knows that nobody can take care of him like I can. I tell him to come on over, drop his clothes at My door and come into My room. I'm just thinking to My self how I have him wrapped around My little finger when I hear him arrive. He must have run. He got there so fast. He enters the room to find Me waiting. He settles onto the sofa as I light up a cigarette and take his cock into My hand. I wonder if he has been practicing edging and lasting longer like I told him to. He knows that I want his hard cock inside Me but, not until I have confirmed that he can at least last for a handjob. I smoke and stroke his cock while acknowledging that I am impressed with his new found stamina. I keep stroking him. Clearly he has has been practicing for Me. I love how long this smoking handjob is lasting because I love having his cock in My hand. I finish My ciggy and continue teasing his cock with My long sexy fingernails. I slow it down anytime that I sense he is getting too worked up. I keep it teasing and steady making sure that he knows that I alone control his cock. In fact, I own it. We both want the same ending... for him to give Me a cummy facial. As I realize that he can't take much more, I have him stand up. With his hard cock now staring at Me, I jerk out a huge load of cum onto My face.

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Denim Gets Your Dick Hard

The only thing you like better than a sweet MILF ass in when that ass is wrapped in denim jeans. That's what you get today. I know that denim gets your dick hard. I can see it. Go ahead and pull it out and jerk it off while I tease you with My hot ass in jeans. I wish you could feel how fantastic they are. Nothing beats a tight pair of butt hugging jeans. I know you believe that, too. Do you have a big load of sticky jizz for Me today? Can you soak My denim jeans in cum?

Pushing You To Go Deep

Let's do it. Light up and let's take deep inhales together. Smoking is so much better when you let that creamy white smoke fill your lungs. Take those inhales deep wehn you smoke with Me. It's what I like. It's what I want. I like it deep. You like it when I push you to go deep for Me.

Smoke A Cigarette With Me

Wanna have a smoke with Me? If you don't have a cigarette with you then stop the vid and go get a pack. you can share in My nasty habit today. Let's start together. Take a deep inhale. Do you feel all of that relaxation now? The way that nicotine just take you over. We can make this a regular thing but, you only smoke when you're with doing it with Me. Don't worry. The nausea and dizziness will pass. Same with the coughing, you'll get used to it and it'll pass. I have to warn you though, it's addictive. Just like Me.

Seductive Smoke Encouragement

I use My mouth to slide a VS120 from the pack. Do you want Me to light it? How about you light yours first. Your definitely going to smoke with Me. your addiction neccesitates it. The more you smoke with Me the deeper your addiction gets. Now you think of Me every time you smoke... every time you even see a cigarette. That is just how I like it. Smoking, erotic and seductive, I'll tighten My grip on your mind. Let's take those inhales deep and your addiction to Me, and smoking, even deeper.

Glove Tease And More

Perfect purple lipstick and a shiny purple top can't distract you from those sexy black gloves and clad fingers holding a More cigarette. I'll be smoking in that sexy way that only an elegant, erotic MILF, like Myself, can do. French inhales, blowing smoke in your face and teasing you with those gloves will be more than you can handle today. But that's just what you love.

Deeper And Weaker

Have you been going through withdrawals? Did you miss smoking with Me? It's time to make up for lost time. We're going to pick up right where we left off. Let's get right into taking those deep inhales again. Sensual and seductive deep inhales along with encouragement will have you smoking right along with Me taking those inhales deeper and getting weaker for Me while you do it. Every deep inhale you take for Me costs you just a little bit more of your soul.

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Cleavage, Stockings, VS120

So much eye candy for you today. Clearly, I'm smoking a VS120, that's your favorite to see but, there's more if your fetishes are broader than just smoking. Busty MILF cleavage, mmm, I'll show just enough of that to distract you and make you want more. Stockings over pantyhose, I know how you love it layered. Plus, long sexy fingernails and wet MILF lips will take care of that VS120 that I removed from My sparkly cigarette case. Of course, I'll smoke My cigarette in that way that you love to watch Me do.

Cum Inside Me

Do you want Me to light this cigarette? Well, I want your big cock inside Me. So, I'll light it once your balls deep in this sweet MILF pussy. I'll ride your cock and blow smoke in your face in this POV, virtual sex, smoking clip. Bouncing up and down on your cock, smoking and talking dirty. It feels so fucking good. I want you to cum deep inside Me. Will you do it? Let's cum together.

Jizz On MILF Ass In Pantyhose

You love the way My sweet MILF ass fills out these sexy black pantyhose. It makes your cock so, so hard. You may not know this; but, your cock loves it when you stroke it for My ass in pantyhose. Do it. Stroke that cock to My instruction and encouragement. I want that big load on My ass. I want you to soak My pantyhose in your sticky jizz. Do it for Me. Do it for My tight MILF ass.

Road Trip Smoke Break

I took a little road trip out to the desert this weekend. Of course, I had to stop and take a smoke break. It was pretty windy so, I had some difficulty getting My cigarette lit but, I eventually got it handled. I smoked My cigarette outside and took in the beautiful surroundings while looking rather hot in My yoga pants... I might add. Like I said, it was windy so, the sound was a bit too noisy. I replaced it with some rather catchy music. You'll love it, I'm sure.

Do Wolford's Make You Weak?

Perfect MILF legs encased in pantyhose. They're Wolford's. Do Wolford pantyhose make you weak? I know they do. They're your favorite. I think you should stroke your cock while I show this hot MILF ass, long sexy legs in your favorite pantyhose and classy Loubies. I'll instruct and encourage your stroking while I tease you. I'll bet you would love to soak My Wolfords in your all of your sticky jizz.

Our First Cigarette Of The Day

It's been 24 hours since I smoked a cigarette and the nicotine craving is really strong. I need My fix. I prefer a premium cigarette for the first one. Let's smoke a Saratoga 120 to get our day started. I know that you are going to smoke with Me this morning. Take a deep inhale and fill the lungs. mmm I feel better already. After a few long drags I'm even feeling more alert. So much so that I noticed that earlier I said it had been 24 hours since I smoked. It has actually only been 12 hours. Still way too long. Hell 30 minutes is too long for Me typically. Are you feeling all of the benefits that I am? I feel like I can start My day now.

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