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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

cuckolded After An Office Party

Custom Video - No names used. He requested: POV Pantyhose BJ Attire: Black Dress Make up: Heavy make up, mascara, and lipstick Shoes: Black Pumps Pantyhose: Trasparenze Clara Hipster, color bronze or similar dark suntan. (please no runs in the pantyhose) No smoking I have long been a fan of your BJ Pantyhose clips, and I have never seen you do one like the following: Your partner lays on his back with his legs spread apart holding the camera. He has left his company party without you because you were making him too jealous and he could not take it anymore. You start apologizing for turning on all his co workers in front of him as you crawl on your hands and knees towards him. You start to cuckhold him as you suck his cock and talk dirty to him about flirting with his co workers as he watched. Your nylon ankles should be criss crossed for the the first 1 minute or so with pumps on. Then as you are cuckholding him with dirty talk you kick your shoes off. The camera should have your face and your nylon soles in view. Throughout the video, please shuffle your feet and wiggle your toes slowly as you suck him into being a cuckhold. You tease him towards the end that your nylon feet are too much for him to take, and you tell him how much fun you had watching his co workers stare at your nylon feet. Feel free to ad lib or change things, and most of all, I hope you have fun.---After watching the video he said, "You can write a script or present an idea all day long, but, when your personal touch is added, the result is a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. I was blown away by how you took the clip idea and ran with it. INCREDIBLE! Perfect makeup, outfit, shoes, nylons, etc etc. THANK YOU for an amazing clip!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!"

Mom's BFF Is A Cock Hungry MILF

My husband has been out of town for two weeks. Unfortunately his co-workers went with him so, I haven't had access to any cock for two weeks. That's a long dry spell for Me. I'm on the phone lamenting to My girlfriend that My craving for cock and cum is insatiable right now and that I have to find a cock to suck, soon. About that time, you walk in. You just finished washing My car and are returning My keys. I tell My girlfriend that I think I just found a solution to My problem. We make small talk about the job you just finished before I ask you point blank if I can suck your cock rather than pay you. You think it's some kind of joke as your mom is My best friend and you just can't believe that I'm offering that. I convince you that I'm serious and of course, you admit that you want it to happen. You confess that you've never actually had a blowjob before as your girlfriend thinks it's gross. Well, I love cock. I reach out and rub your pants. Your erection tells Me that you really want your cock sucked. I pull your pants down, drop to My knees and take your cock in My hand. Finally I'm going to get what I want. I suck your cock for a while then suggest you sit down to makes things a bit more comfortable. I go back to work on your cock. Perhaps we can make this our new arrangement as I am enjoying having your cock in My mouth. I ask if you are ready to cum. I finish you off in My mouth and drool some back onto your cock. I swallow your delicious cum, lick it from My hands then lick your cock clean.

StepMom's Graduation Gift

You graduated today. I'm so proud of you. I've watched you grow into a very handsom young man. Girls are just falling over themselves to get to you. Anyway, I wanted to give something really special for your achievement. It's not something that you can physically keep forever but, you'll definitely remember it forever. Now, you'll have to keep this a secret. You can never tell anyone... ever. Can you do that? Good. StepMom wants to taste your cock. Don't be so shocked. I know that you have thought about it before. I can see that you love the idea. Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed while I freshen up. I'm going to suck your cock. I'll bet StepMommy's mouth is more than you can handle, though.

Afternoon Surprise

What's the best way to break the boredom in the afternoon? Well, My man is playing with his new video camera when I walk in and light up a Newport 100 Menthol. He is equally as bored as I am. So, I ask him, "Would you be interested in getting a blowjob?" Of course, he is. I come over to him, drop to the floor and proceed to give him a fantastic smoking blowjob, while finishing My ciggy and lighting another, until he cums on My pretty MILF titties. And yes, this is how things really go around My house as he really loves smoking blowjobs and I really love sucking cock. This clip has a very real feel as it just sorted of happened for real as opposed to a being a scripted clip.

StepMom Is Down To Fuck

You're standing near the door My room watching your StepMom stretch while getting ready for yoga class. You can't stop staring at My black yoga pants. Rather brazenly you start stroking your hard cock, in the open. I spread My legs wide to get a good stretch when it appears that I have ripped the crotch of My yoga pants. I reach back to verify and I see you playing with your big dick. I'm taken aback but, not mad in any way. I'm glad that you actually broke the invisible barrier that always prevented Me from playing with you. Sometimes I think that I only married your dad to be closer to you. I love that watching Me has made you so hard. I offer to do something about your erection. You're willing and clearly we are both horny. I kneel before you and start sucking your cock but, there is somewhere else that I want to put it. You are so much bigger than your dad and I really want to fuck your big cock. I get on the bed and tell you to get a condom. As much as I want to fuck, I don't want to get knocked up by My stepson. You wrap your rascal and get on the bed. I want you to lay back and enjoy the ride. I'll do all of the work. I waste no time mounting your big dick. I don't even take My yoga pants off. I just rip the seam farther to make room for your beautiful cock to enter Me. I ride your cock while you watch My sweet MILF ss bounce up and down on it. I love how long you can last. I want us to cum together and in the end, that's just what we do.

Deliciously Sinful Smoking / Stockings

I'll start by dangling My high heel from My stocking covered foot while holding an unlit cigarette in My mouth. Of course I'll light up My VS120 for you so that you can watch what you love. I'll take My time with this first cigarette while I tease you in My sexy secretary outfit. As I get to the end of the first cigarette, I'll start removing My blouse so that you can drool over My big MILF titties. I'll extinguish the first ciggy but, we are only getting started. I'll light up a second VS120 and slide up My skirt to reveal what you really want to see... A sweet piece of tight, MILF heaven. Will you even be able to watch My smoking as you stare between My spread, stockings clad, legs? I doubt it. If you're not pussy whipped already, you will be by the end of this diliciously sinful clip and I won't have to say a word to make it happen.

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Are Construction Workers Watching?

Do you hear that? All those contruction workers outside... I wonder if they are watching us. I don't really mind if they are checking out my hot ass but, do they see you on your knees jerking off for My sweet MILF ass? They're probably jerking off just like you are. don't think about it too much just stroke that cock and dream about My tight ass in pantyhose.

Stepson's Erection Says It All

Oh hey. You're the perfect person to give Me an opinion on these yoga pants. Do you like them? Do they make My ass look hot? I know I'm your StepMom but I want your opinion. Is that an erection? OMG your cock got hard from looking at My ass. I guess it does still look hot. That means the guys at the gym will like it, too. We're going to have to do something about that hard on now, aren't we. You can jerk it off. No, I don't have to watch. I can tease you with My ass while you do it. Since, you clearly have a thing for My ass. Are you stroking it? For My ass? I really want to watch you jerkoff for Me. That's a really nice cock you have. You've got good genes I suppose. This could be just the beginning for us. Are you ready to cum for Me now?

Deep Inhales Made you Weak

Put that cigarette between your lips and light it. you are going to smoke with Me. We are taking deep inhales together. you have become addicted to taking deep inhales with Me. Filling your lungs with all of that creamy white smoke has made your addiction strong. It's made you a smoking bitch. My smoking bitch. Take another. We are just getting started. Did you ever think that doing something so innocent as having a little smoke with Me would get you so deep into such a nasty habit. Deep inhales have made you weak. Weak for Me. Take another. I love it when obedient little bitches like you do exactly as I say.

Smoking VS120 In Shiny Pink

Do you always look over a Lady's shoulder while She smokes? Fortunately for you, this lady doesn't mind. In fact, I rather like you watching. I'll pack My new VS120 box against My palm. I like the tobacco tight. I'll remove the wrapper with My fingers and teeth, tear away the paper cover, blow off the filter ends then extract one cigarette. Of course, I'm taking My time. I know that you are watching. I'll light My Virginia Slim 120 and smoke, in just that way that you love. I'll never acknowledge you until the very end... with a smile.

Socially Distant Smokers

The times they are crazy, right. I don't know about you but, social distancing feels a bit isolating. Smoking really helps Me relax. I find that I'm smoking a lot more these days. Are you? Normally, I like to make you smoke with Me but, today I think that I'll just smoke with you. Maybe we'll feel less distant. It's not the same as if we were with each other but, for today, we can be socially distant smokers together.

Sexy MILF Smokes VS120

Nothing gets your motor running quite like a sexy MILF smoking a VS120. I was thinking of you when I made this video. No distractions, unless you consider big, full, shiny lips a distraction. In that case you'll just have one more thing about Me that you have to jerk off to. I won't tell you to do what I already know you will be doing anyway. I'll provide you with the sexy visuals on your screen like only I can. I'll smoke in that way that you love to love. You can take care of the handy work.

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Mature Ass Triggers Your Erection

You have come to Me seeking help for your erectile dysfunction as well as a general lack of horniness. You have already seen a doctor and confirmed that the problem is not physical. I specialize in solving psychological sexual problems by focusing on finding your fetishes. We have to figure out what it is that gets you turned on as it has been a long time since your last erection and you are not old enough to be having this problem. In the course of evaluating you I set My phone down and it falls off of the chaise. I bend over to pick it up and when I turn back around... you have an erection. It appears that you have got a fetish for a hot, mature woman's ass. I'm sure the fishnets only add to the excitement. Don't be embarassed. This is why you came to Me. Now, let's not let that erection go to waste. Pull out that cock and masturbate while I tease you with your newly found fetish. I am going to be looking forward to our sessions going forward since it is My ass that gets your cock hard.

No Smoking Section Seduction

In this role play smoking clip you re dining with your wife in the no smoking section. I arrive at My table, open My purse to remove an ashtray and a pack of More. your wife comments that this is the "No Smoking" section. I inform her that the "No" in No Smoking doesn't apply to Me. I look at you, "Isn't that right?" you agree as I light My cigarette. All men get weak when I smoke the bad girl cigarettes. I proceed to seduce you while humiliating bith you and your wife for your inability to resist Me. This continues until I finish My cigarette, having fully owned you, as well as, your wife.

Smoking Hot Leg Crossing MILF

You want to jerk off for your favorite fetish, I know. Will you be able to focus with so many of your fetishes in this clip? There is so much to distract you. You might have to watch it several times so that you can focus the proper attention to each one. Smoking while crossing My pantyhosed long legs, sparkly high heels, long fingernails and of Me in all of My hot MILFy-ness. Are you up for the challenge? I'll instruct and encourage your stroking while you take it all in. When I'm ready ready, I'll encourage you to give Me all of your cum.

Smoke More Stroke More

My little addict is back. Is it because of My cleavage? Do you like looking at my pretty MILF titties? I know what you love even more. When I smoke a More. Are you going to masturbate for Me? Are you going to stroke your hard cock for Me while I smoke More? you always do. It's a good thing that I don't put a new smoking out everyday. I don't think that your dick could take it. Did you bring a big load of cum for Me? I'll smoke My More and tease you with My cleavage while I encourage your stroking until you give Me that big load. Will you make it to the end of the video today?

Sparkling, Blonde MILF Smoker

Shining, sparkling top showing off that busty MILF cleavage. Wet lipstick prints clearly visible on the white VS120 filter. Are you ready to smoke on with Me? That's all I needed to know. I light My cigarette and smoke for My pleasure and yours. No more words. Visual satifaction of your smoking fetish is on tap for today. Enjoy one with Me.

My Smoke Draws You In

You've had a smoking fetish for a while. Just something about a hot Woman smoking that catches your attention but, since you found Me, your fetish has gotten so much stronger. When you watch Me, the smoke just seems to pull you in, steadily. I don't even say anything to encourage it. It's just a natural pull that you experience. Maybe it's because of the sultry and sexy way that I smoke. Maybe it's the hot outfits that I wear. Maybe it's the long nails. Or perhaps there is something in the smoke.

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