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Pantyhose, Heels, VS120

Pink dress showing off that big MILF cleavage, long legs in pantyhose and pretty pink high heels will give you plenty of eye candy. That is, of course, if you can look away from the VS120 that I'm smoking. Even if you do try to look away, you will probably get fixated on the long fingernails. Oh My, there is just so much to take in today... like all of the second hand smoke that you'll have to breathe in as I exhale. That's what you really want isn't it? No talking. Just give you a hot, busty MILF, in heels, blowing smoke in your face and you're happy.

IDGAF What Your StepMom Thinks

You're the boy next door. We just finished fucking and are getting ready to go to a party for your step-dad. I'm a little nervous because I know that your step-mom thinks that I'm a slut that fucks all the young guys in the neighborhood. Well, I am that; but, fuck her for thinking that's a bad thing. she is so conservative and not like Me in anyway. She doesn't like that I show cleavage and she raelly cannot stand that I smoke. All of her uptight friends think just like she does. That's what I love abouit smoking... if I get tired of their trivial words, I can slip outside and enjoy a cigarette. Speaking of cigarettes, this nicotine appears to be relaxing Me and you know what? I don't give a fuck what your step-mom thinks. Hell, I just might fuck her husband, too. He's always ogling at Me. Fuck it. Let's walk in fashionably late and make a scene.

Titty Teasing Smoke And Stroke

It a great day for jerking off to a hot MILF smoking. How about if I distrct you a bit with My big MILF tits? Long fingernails holding a cigarette and touching My big tits... will that distract you from the smoking? Can your brain multitask?... Focus on nails, tits and cigarette smoking all at once. I say it's time to try and have a big orgasm doing it. Cum on My long fingernails, MILF tits or My cigarette. I don't care. I just want you to cum for Me.

Cigar Tease For A Wanker

Custom Request - No Names Used: "i m looking a cigar smoking clip---something along the lines of "more smoking in your face" same blue silk robe and same sort of closeness --with dark eye shadow and dark lipstick and smoking a cigar like in "a lady and her cigar" clip and smoking it down as far as it ll go---about half way though with the cigar in your mouth take the blue robe of and put on your red satin blouse and add more lipstick with the cigar in hand as do it and telling me that i m a naughty boy for wanting to wank while watching you some and blowing lots of smoke at me--i think thats about it---many thanks"

My Big Tits Take your Cum

My big MILF titties are your weakness. They make your cock so fucking hard. I know you need to jerk that cock while you imagine sliding your cock between them. MILF Titties in a sexy black bra, teased by long fingernails and My sultry voice will get you to the edge so quickly but, let's slow it down and take our time. I don't want you to cum too fast but, I definitely want you to to cum. My tits always take your cum.

Sexy Long Nails Blonde Smoking

Ya gotta love watching a sexy, mature, MILF with long nails smoking a VS120. Blonde hair, smoke, light lipstick stain on the filter... it's everything you like to see in a smoking clip. No words to distract you from your deepest smoking thoughts.

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MILF Smoking In Lingerie And Lace

I know how much you love to watch a pretty, mature, MILF smoke a cigarette so, that's what I'll do for you today. Don't you love that cleavage sticking out of that lingerie top. Of course you do. I'll remove My lace cover part way through so that you can get a look at all the straps. I wore extra today since you love that distraction. Although, as strong as your smoking and nail fetishes are, you may not notice.

Take It Deep With Me

Have you been practicing while I was away, smoke junkie? Are you going to smoke with Me today? Of course you are. You know that I don't like to smoke alone. We are going to be taking deep inhales today. Lots of them. Are you ready for all of that nicotine? Today you are going to get reminded why you love being owned by Me and My smoke.

It's Our Date Night

Our little smoke and stroke sessions are so important to you. You spend all day looking forward to cumming home and watching My newest smoking clip and jerking off your hard cock. It's kind of like our date night. Our private time where you can really enjoy your favorite fetish. I can see that you are already hard so let's get things started. I'll smoke My VS120, tease, instruct and encourage your stroking while you try to make it til the end of our date night before you blow your huge load for Me.

Slow Stroking Chain Smoking

Are you ready to partake in those things that you love so much? you know. Smoking with Me and stroking your hard cock. It's kind of a Love/H8 relationship in that you love smoking, you love stroking, you love Me but you kinda H8 being so addicted. you also Love being addicted. I rather enjoy keeping you so conflicted and I'll continue that today. you are going to stroke slowly while you smoke withe Me. We are going to smoke 2 back-to-back so, you have to pace yourself. We can't have you cumming before we are at the end of My second cigarette. Smoke it deep and stroke it slow even though you know that is how I keep you addicted. you could quit whenever you want to but, I don't think you will ever want to. now, cum for Me.

A Task To Increase Addiction

Well, you have been smoking with Me for a while now. That little addiction you have is ready to grow. I have your next smoking task ready. I want you to realize how great a smoke is after a meal. I want you to start smoking after each meal, just like I do. I'll go over the task and My expectations while we smoke together today. What do you think about My busty MILF cleavage in this faux fur coat? I wore it just for you as a reward. Now, let's get that addiction up so that you can start getting cravings.

Vinylly A Luxe Cigarette

Vinyl corset, vinyl thigh high boots, pink printed bodysuit/leotard, I got Myself all dolled up for this one. I finally get to enjoy a luxury cigarette. One of My loyal fans sent Me some Nat Sherman cigarettes. I have been looking forward to this. I slide the pack from the top of My boots, give it a long lick and choose My treat. It's time to light it and smoke. Pure pleasure from beginning to end.