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Smoke A Saratoga With Me

Are you ready to smoke another cigarette with Me? Have you smoked a cork filter yet? Let's do that today. I'm going to smoke a Saratoga 120. You're really enjoying smoking with Me. Aren't you. How many times a day are you smoking with Me? Do you turn on a video randomly during the day, just to satisfy your craving for Me and for the nicotine? I know that both cravings are strong. Who did this to you? Was it Me? haha, Of course it was.

I Came For your Company

Now you didn't actually think that a woman like Me would want to work for you. you didn't actually think that I came here for an interview. That is so funny. I came here for another reason. I came for your company. I don't mean to spend time with you. I mean that I came to take your company. you will give it to Me. Don't tell Me that I can't smoke in here. I'll smoke whenever and wherever I want to. I know that it makes you weak. I'll use that plus My powers of seduction to get you to willingly and happily hand your company over to Me. Don't fret. I'll keep you on at minimum wage.

You Love Going Deep With Me

Are you ready to take it deep with Me? Are you ready to fill those lungs with creamy. white smoke? I know you are. You love smoking with Me and I like it deep. It's a nasty habit you hve but you love it. Every drag makes you weaker and weaker. That is how I like you. Weak for your habit. Weak for Me. you can't stop now. you have fallen way to deep. you are powerless to those cigarettes and to Me. Now, suck it in deep and hold it as long as you can. Go deeper for Me. Get weaker for Me.

Ass In Fishnets Takes Your Cum

Oh buttboy, do have something you'll love today. Layered up ass in a leotard over fishnetes over pantyhose. Damn boy, you've got some stroking to do. I know just how you like to ass teased and I'll deliver it just that way. Your dick always gets so hard for My ass. That turns Me on. Especially when you stroke for Me. I'll tease and instruct you all the way to you coming hard and painting those black hose in your sticky white jizz.

Take Deep Inhales With Me

Are you going to light a cigarette with Me or are you just going to watch. haha you know that you can't just watch. Not anymore. You're addicted now. You need that cigarette. Let's smoke together. Let's take deep inhales together and feel that incredible relaxation that comes with it. It's part of your life now.

MILF Pussy Tease In Pantyhose

your two favorite things are MILF pussy and pantyhose and you get them both today. There's a twist though. I want you to put on a pair of pantyhose, too. I want you feel how nice they are on your cock that's already hard. you'll have to do it if you want Me to take these panties off so that you can see My sweet MILF pussy in pantyhose. I want you to rub your cock through the pantyhose while I do the same to My pussy. Kinda like we're masturbating together. That's it. Rub your hard cock. Is that precum already? My sweet MILF pussy proves to be too much for you as you finish before I do. I guess I won't get Mine today. Don't you know that the Lady should always cum first.

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Mature MILF Barefoot Smoking JOI

It's a good day to rub one out. There is so much fetish in this clip, you can watch it multiple times and jerkoff to something different each time. Of course there is smoking. That's your big fetish, right? A VS120 cigarette being smoked by a hot, mature, MILF. Maybe though, those pretty feet have caught just enough of your attention to distract you from your smoking fetish. I'm going to be providing you that sultry, erotic masturbation encouragement that you love. I won't tell you where to look while you get yourself off. I just want you to cum for Me. I'll give you plenty of encouragement for that, as well.

Chain Smoking Newports

Licking My leather cigarette case, opening it and sliding out a tasty Newport is just getting Me started. I'm smoking your favorite today. I know how much you need to see Me enjoy Newport Menthol that, before I even finish the first one, I'll use it to light the second one. Two today with no talking. I'm pretty sure that you're going to be jerking off and I didn't want to distract your pervy mind. Did you like the shiny, thigh high boots? Did you even notice them? I know how you get when I smoke Newport for you.

VS120, Long Nails, Pink Lips

There is just something hot about watching a sexy, short hair, mature, MILF with long nails and pink lipstick wearing lingerie and smoking a VS120. Don't you agree. Even hotter when there is lots of smoke for you to inhale. No talking today but, then again, you're going to jerkoff to this whether I tell you to or not. Right?

Smoking In Stockings And Louboutins

A visual tease with MILF ass, long legs in stockings and a sexy pair Louboutin high heels; but, you find yourself fixated on the VS120 that I’m smoking. That’s so you, isn’t it? Not a problem. Once you download this clip you can watch as many times as you want to. You can just focus on each one of the fetishes that I’m teasing you with individually as you rewatch it. Over and over again.

Completely Addicted To My Smoke

mmm. A fresh new pack of VS120 cigarettes. Does that VS stand for Very Seductive? you might think that after this one. I love these long, white, filtered cigarettes. I love the way My lipstick stains the filter. Are you ready for Me to light it? Are you ready to smoke My smoke? It will only increase your addiction to Me and My smoke. I'll own you even stronger than I do now as you take My exhales deep into your lungs.

Cum For My Big Tits

Hey titman. Do you have a big dick for My big MILF tits? Wouldn't you jsut love to slide your big cock in My cleavage? Are you hard yet? I know that tits have a way of getting you so hard, so fast. Will you stroke your cock for Me today? Will you jerkoff for My big tits? I want you to. Cum on now, titman. let Me take you on a sensual journey with long fingernails, My sultry voice, masturbation instruction and, of course, the sexy cleavage from My big MILF titties.