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Ass Tease In Fishnet Pantyhose

This sexy and seductive ass tease will take you on a slow strip tease like adventure. I'll start in My black spandex dress and slow tease to reveal that sweet MILF ass in sparkly, rhinestone decorated, fishnet pantyhose. I take you on this journey at the perfect pace to keep you fully engaged in all of the ass perfection that is displayed on your screen. If you pay attention, and I know that you will, you'll get to see a tight little bonus.

Long Nails And Deep Inhales

Ready to take deep inhales while you smoke with Me? Lots of eye candy while we smoke today. You can see My big MILF titties through the openings of My white leather halter. My long sexy nails add some extra distraction. Then I'll top it off with just a little smoking encouragement in the sultry, sexy way that I do it.

Don't Make Me Smoke Alone

Did you come by to have a smoke with Me? I really hate smoking alone. Maybe you could just have one with Me. That's it. You get so relaxed when you smoke with Me. It kinda makes you want to take up this nasty habit full time, doesn't it?

Get Weak Smoking With Me

Light a Cigarette. Smoke with Me. Smoke it the way that I smoke. Take it deep. It's so easy for Me to get inside your head and make you do what I want. It feels good, doesn't it. Watching Me smoke makes you weak. Smoking makes you weak. So today, get weak smoking with Me.

Purple Lipstick On My Straw

I sit before My mirror with bare lips. I put on my earrings then I open a new pack of Mistys, remove a cigarette with My sexy nails and get My compact in hand. I get your favorite purple lipstick out and begin to apply it nice and thick, just like you like it. I take a sip of My soda through a straw and, of course, leave a visible purple lipstick stain on the straw. I apply another yet layer of lipstick and put the cigarette in My mouth leaving a stain on the white filter as well. I'll tease you with a Saratoga but I go back to the white fltered Misty. I light up my smoke at the very end and take a few drags while touching up My makeup.

Your Queen Smoking VS120

It's just you, a VS120 and your smoking Queen. No talking. No distractions. Take in your fetish to it's fullest extent. Yes. I will get in your face and blow smoke at you so that you can take it all in. I wouldn't deprive you of that blessing.

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Programmed To Worship Ass

So you came by hoping for some pussy. Is that what you really want? Are you sure? First let Me show you what I know you really want. Look at this sweet MILF ass in tight denim blue jeans. mmm. That's nice. Isn't it. Watch it. Stare at it. It's what you want. you can't take your eyes off of it. you're being drawn in and taken over. It's mesmerizing you and soon you will crave only this sweet ass. Every time you see a hot girl in tight jeans it will trigger you to think of Me and this perfect MILF ass.

Two Pack Task

Oh My. Look at that cleavage. Don't be distracted though. This is a smoking clip. Today I'm smoking a More. You should try a More, as well. But, even if you don't smoke a More you are going to be smoking more today. Ya see, I have a little smoking task for you. I want you to go and get two packs of cigarettes. Today you are going to smoke all of those cigarettes. Feel free to take as much time of the day as you need. Why would I have you do this? Well, it will deepen your smoking addiction and, quite frankly, you will be thinking about Me while you smoke each of those cigarettes. I know that will deepen your addiction to Me as well. When you have completed your task, I will expect a proper thank you.

More Ashes In your Mouth

As I pull a More out from the pack, you pull your dick out of your pants. It's already nice and hard for Me as you wait for Me to light it, isn't it. I lean in as if you're lighting it for Me. I'll offer the filter to you. To take a drag. Take it deep. Do you like the way it makes you feel? Inhaling My smoke and fantasizing that you are here with Me. Do you want a taste of My ashes? I know you do. Afterall, I do need an ashtray and your mouth seems perfect for the task. Just open your mouth and I'll flick them onto your tongue then you swallow. No mess to clean up. Now stroke that cock while you eat My ashes. you love serving your Goddess like this. How much better does it get for you? Would you like to drain those balls? Will you give Me all of your cum? Cum for Me little ashtray.

Wrapping You Around My Cigarette

You came by at just the right time. I'm about to go out and seduce men with My cigarette. Seduction at it's finest. I'm completely on another level at this game. But still, it's such a fun game to play... making men putty in My hands, wrapping them around My cigarette, so to speak. I'll tell you, well, show you how I do it. Fair warning though... watching will likely make you My first victim of the night. Are you ready for that reality? Are you ready to be owned by Me, by My cigarette, by My smoking?

More Smoking In Lingerie

Do you want More? Today I'll smoke a More cigarette while looking all Goddess like in some sexy purple lingerie. I'll make sure to tease you, just the way you like, with My big MILF titties, long sexy fingernails and full, wet, purple lips. That is, of course, if you can be distracted from My smoking that you are completely addicted to.

Relax And Smoke With Me

Do you want to relax, chill out and have a smoke with Me. We can do that since you are a smoker now. Was it because of little o' Me? Of course it was. So let's light a cigarette and smoke together. We'll get you some more experience doing deep inhales while we're at it. You still need some practice taking long drags and holding them deep. Hopefully you get distracted by My sexy legs and red wedge heels. Not too much though, it is a smoking clip afterall.