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Nikki Crossing Legs While Smoking


A sexy blonde MILF in a blue dress and blue high heels smoking a blue cigarette would be a jerk worthy clip in it's own right. But I know how much you love nay, how much you need to be teased so... I took My long tan MILF legs in pantyhose and I crossed them then I uncrossed them. I know that you love it so I did it repeatedly. I let you see from the front and from the side. I extended My leg and dangled My heel for you. I spread my legs and let you get a peak before getting back to crossing and smoking and teasing and owning you.

Smoking A Kent


Here is a treat for you. I break out a classic cigarette, Kent. Oh yeah, I know My cigarettes. It's a hobby and a fetish. I knew this would be a special one for you so I take My time removing the new soft pack of Kent from My leather cigarette case, packing and opening it and then teasing out a long white cigarette. I put the smokes back into the black leather case and proceed to light and smoke this deliciously classic filtered cigarette. Were you so focused that you forgot to notice My sexy bra and MILF cleavage?

Tight MILF Ass In Pantyhose


I know how sometimes you don't want to be told anything. you just want to unwind and relieve the stress while watching a tight MILF ass in pantyhose on your screen. Let yourself be swept away in fantasy while watching My sweet ass in black pantyhose tease and satisfy your fetishes. Go ahead and do what you need to while you watch. I won't interrupt you.

Your Girlfriend's Hot Mom


You have come over to your girlfriend's house for pizza with her parents but, she and her dad aren't back yet. It's just you and her hot mom (Me). You have been jerking off thinking about this hot MILF for as long as you have been dating My daughter. I ask for your opinion, " Am I too old to be wearing these yoga pants?" You don't know what to say but I keep talking so, your off the hook for now. "I really like them" I say before adding "I think you like them, too". You can feel how firm My ass is in them if you want to. Of course you do, so you reach out and grab some of My sweet MILF ass. I move away as you slap My ass once. I offers you another feel and you grab at all of My MILF goodies. I make you stop and say that I get a feel of you since you got to feel Me. I touch your hard cock through your jeans and say, "I can do something about this" as I start unzipping your pants and lowering them. I take your cock in My hands and mouth and start sucking you. I stop to let you rub it against My yoga pants again before getting back to sucking you off. When I sense that you are ready to cum I turn around and present My yoga pants covered ass for you to cum on, which you do... leaving a big cummy mess on My ass just as My husband and daughter are arriving back home. We better hurry up and get this cleaned up.

MILF Booty In Tight Jeans


I hear you have a thing for denim. you like the way these tight jeans show off the curves of My sweet MILF ass. I'll bet you're jerking that dick already. Go ahead. I'll instruct and encourage it. I know your thinking about how that thick white load would look sprayed across The dark material. Let's do a cum countdown.

A Lady And Her Cigar


Just like you this Lady loves a good cigar. I have a bit of a lighter fail in the beginning but, since My big MILF tits make such nice cleavage, you won't even care. I'll enjoy smoking this cigar with My glass, making sure that I smoke it the way in just way that you like before putting it down. Admit it. You get weak for a busty MILF smoking a cigar.

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Saratoga Smoking Cleavage Tease


I've got a pack of Saratoga and a lighter stuffed into My bra along with those big MILF tits. Look at that cleavage. I don't even have to tell ya that. you already are. I remove My cigarettes and tease one from the pack. I remove My lighter but continue the tease... taking My time lighting it so that you can enjoy all of the sexy in this scene. No reason to talk today. We both know what you have to do. I light up My Saratoga and smoke in that way that you like. I'll tease and trace My French tipped fingernails along those big breasts, continually drawing your attention to My cleavage. you can't help but stare and that's all right with Me. I love being the reason you cum.

Can you Stand The Tease?


I love this sexy new ass teasing outfit. I had to buy it tease you with. I love the way the material showcases that sweet, hot MILF ass. I'm going to put on a sexy show without talking. I'll be swaying working that ass to the music just the way you like. Show Me how much you worship My amazing ass by rubbing one out for Me while you watch. I love it when you jerkoff to Me.

MarlBlow Gold 100


Smoking a Marlboro Gold 100 while sucking cock POV style. It's almost like I'm smoking for you while sucking your cock and I know you like that idea. In the end I'll finish it off by just licking the head until the semen flows. Can't let him have too much fun ya know.

Stroke Along With Me


Since you just love to watch My sexy hands and long fingernails stroke a cock, I have set one up before Me to use in our adventure today. While I'm stroking this play one I want you to stroke along with Me. Watch Me tease with My nails and utilize several hand techniques. I want you to do exactly what I do including stopping when I do. Then when you can't hold it in any longer I want you to cum without any stimulation, ruining your own orgasm.

My Smoke Fills Your Lungs


I start by firmly packing My Marlboro Gold 100's. I know you like watching Me smoke. That's good because I love to smoke and I love to tease you while doing it. you want to be right here in front of Me where you can inhale My smoke don't you... get a little piece of Me in you? Well, you can play along virtually. Inhale deeply when I exhale and breath in My smoke.

Making you Cum


Look at that hot ass. Everytime you see it you can't help but stare then your cock gets hard. Next thing you know your hard cock is in your hand and your stroking it while staring at that ass. It's time to just own up to your ass infatuation and watch this clip knowing that I'm going to work that ass for ya while instructing and envouraging you masturbation. So, get it up and let's get this private party started.

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