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My Booty bitch


I can see that buying you that camcorder for your birthday was a mistake now. you are always trying to get video of My booty. Today I'm chilling in your favorite leggings and once again you want to get some ass video. I play along initially then I turn the tables on you. I know that you make these videos for fap material so I decide to amp ump the tease and turn on My dominant side. Perhaps I'll make you my booty bitch. How's that sound? Maybe I'll make you kiss My ass and lick My asshole. ooh you're turned on now. Could it be that you are already My booty bitch?

Peek-a-Boo Pussy


Custom Video: This is cock teasing at it's finest. Leather, vinyl, sheer gusset pantyhose and tight MILF pussy make for a video that'll make you want to cum so fucking hard. you'll play peek-a-boo with pink perfection while stroking your rock hard cock. Take the teasing all the way to the end only to get left with deep blue balls.

Smoking Blowjob Cum On Loubies


I know what you want to see today... This hot MILF sucking a cock while smoking a VS120 cigarette. I'll work the cock over good, covering it with smoke while making sure to make eye contact and blow smoke in your face. It won't take too long till he drops a huge load of cum onto the soles of My Christian Louboutin high heels... and My pantyhose... and the floor. Damn it was a lot of cum.

Lingerie, Pantyhose and Saratoga


Not much hotter than a MILF in lingerie and pantyhose smoking a Saratoga and teasing you. I know how sometimes you just want to rub one out while fantasizing about your favorite MILF. You don't need anyone telling how to get off so, here ya go. I'll put on the show while you take care of things on your end.

Cigar Smoking in a Skirt


Fan Request: "For first class content theres no other site that even comes near to what you provide so just keep up with the high standard and great clips that you do... one very very very small suggestion for something is this... do you think you could a clip with you smoking from half the cigar down to near the band and wearing tight pencil skirt and showing of your sexy gorgeous ass?"

Perfect Ass In Purple Yoga Pants


All that MILF ass, yoga pants perfection is on full display today. I know how much you love them both so, I make sure that you get your fill in this clip. I'll tease you without words but, I'll use every view of My purple yoga pants. Left side, right side, front, crotch, at the ankles of My barefeet and of course from behind. I know how much you have to see that perfect, tight, MILF ass. It's what you cum for.

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Nikki Lends A Hand


In this POV smoking handjob clip I walk into the room to find you jerking off, which it seems that you do all the time. I know what you really like though. you like it when I smoke and jerk it for you. So, I offer to lend a hand, ya know... give you a handy while smoking a cigarette.

On A Roll


Custom: I'm your teacher and you have been kept after class for staring at Me rather than doing your class work. Clearly you have a fetish for My pantyhose and high heels. I decide to tease you with them before punishing you. Today's punishment will be for you to masturbate for Me. The catch is that I will roll dice, actually only one, then you will be allowed to stroke just that many times. I will roll several times as we go and you are not allowed to ejaculate until I say that you can.

Bra Fetish Test


Custom Script: "Title: Bra Fetish Test. Video starts with you wearing sexy, tight denim jeans with a tight, sexy top of your choice that either unbuttons or unzips from the front. You have on sexy lipstick and matching fingernail polish. You tell me you want to test me to see if I have a bra fetish. You start up some sexy, sultry music and tell me that I fail the test if I touch myself before the music ends. You then bend over and pose and let me drool over your sexy milf booty in your jeans as you run your sexy fingernails slowly up your calves and run them along your back pockets. You then turn around and slowly unbutton/unzip your top (close up) and remove it to reveal you have on a very sexy bra underneath. You then slowly unbutton your jeans (close up) and lower them enough to show off your matching panties before you bend over and pull down your jeans. You turn back around and blow me a long kiss (close-up) and tell me you are going to now give me a full demonstration of your world class bra removal and seduction skills. You run your fingers along your bra straps and pretend to be taking off your bra, turning around and playing with the bra clasp. You unclasp it slowly and start to remove it from the front, only to laugh and re-clasp it again. You repeat this two more times slowly before you finally remove your bra only to reveal you have a smaller, sexier one underneath that I couldn't see! You then tease me with this second bra in the same way before removing. Just as you reveal your nipples to me, the music playing comes to an abrupt end. You put your bra back on, inform me that I completely failed the test. You then laugh and ask me how it feels to be your new bra slave?"

Stroke It For That Ass


What are you doing? Staring at My ass again. I'm not surprised. Is it making you hot knowing that there is just a thin layer of material between your cock and My ass? Are you hard already? I know how much you want to fuck that ass. Well, if your going to jack off at least do it the way I say and stroke along with My hot ass. I like it when you slow stroke it; but, you're just to worked up and need to cum all over My ass.

MILF Cleavage and Saratoga Smoking


you love to watch a hot blonde MILF smoking a Saratoga cigarette. Today I'll show ya some sexy MILF cleavage in a vintage style bra while I smoke. Long fingernails and DSL's are the side dishes served up today. No need to speak, you'll be so busy staring you wouldn't hear Me anyway.

Becoming StepMom's Stunt Cock


In this POV, Taboo, MILF Blowjob clip you are My step son. I'm on live stream draining someone's wallet when you walk in recording Me. I confront you somewhat angrily for invading My space. you are supposed to be doing chores, including fixing My computer. you confess that you have already fixed the computer. While doing so you went snooping and found My tumblr then My website. you demand a blowjob to keep My porn life a secret. your attempt to blackmail amuses Me. And... well... since you're technically an adult, I decide to negotiate with you. I'll suck your dick if you record it. I intend to post it on My website and make some cash off of you. A nod of your head says that you agree. So, I go to work sucking your cock while looking in your eyes. When you can't take any more, I grab your cock and jerk it as you cum all over My big MILF titties. Since it's POV, it'll kinda be like I did it all to you.

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