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Sinfully Erotic


Chain Smoking MILF Pussy Tease -Well I suppose the title gives you a pretty good idea, huh? Looking all hot in a pink, open crotch, fishnet bodystocking with a pink bra and pink high heels is more than enough to get you hard but, there is more. I'll light up a cigarette and smoke in that way that you love as I tease you with glimpses of that sweet MILF honey pot. As I reach the end of My first ciggy, I'll use it to light another and smoke both for a bit before extinguishing the first. I'll be much more gratuitous with the view now. How will you ever resist the urge to jerkoff? Will you even remember to watch Me smoke with My legs spread and all of My MILF perfection in plain view? By now I know that you're jerking it hard and will give you some visual cues. Are you ready to cum for Me now... or have you already?

I Smoke you Stroke


My favorite smoking addict is back. I knew I'd see you again. It's rather addictive watching Me smoke isn't it. I know how hard your cock gets when I smoke. Go ahead and inhale My smoke while you stroke that big cock of yours. Stroke until you just have to let that big load go. you only have until I finish My Misty.

Sensual Saratoga Smoking Seduction


A visual seduction by sensory overload. Of course I'm sensually smoking a Saratoga but, I'll be using many of the weapons in My seduction arsenal today. Big, busty cleavage is so hard to look away from. Long, sexy legs in pantyhose crossed and uncrossed at just the perfect seductive pace to stimulate your senses. Luscious Louboutins dangle from My perfect feet at times to keep you wondering how anyone can be this sexually dominant over you with just Her sensual, seductive movements and captivating appearance.

Can't Stop Cumming For My Tits


Can't stop coming back for more of My pretty MILF titties, can ya. My sheer bra shows just how perfect My big tits and sexy nipples are. I'm going to tease you with them. Bouncing and squeszing them, I'll tease you for being so weak for them. My sexy vlack nails only make you harder. Then, I'm going to instruct and encourage you to stroke to them. you want to. you need to. In fact you just can't stop cumming for My tits.

Stroke And Cum For My Ass


I knew My little ass lover couldn't stay away. you just love that MILF ass and those black yoga pants. I would tell ya to pull out that cock but I know that you already did. Stroke it for Me. Stroke that cock for My sweet MILF ass in yoga pants. I'll instruct and encourage you. I know you dream of cumming all over that black spandex.

Marriage Changed By BBC


Well honey, you're probably wondering why I made you a video. Honestly, I wanted to make sure that you had something that you could watch over and over. I need you to understand the turn that your life has taken. The vacay I took with the girls turned into the best night of My life and I have to tell you about it right away. One night we all got a bit turned up at the club and decided to go to a party with a group of guys in their room. Things got wild and I hooked up with one of the guys. He was tall, dark and handsome but he had so much more. By that I mean that he had the biggest cock I have ever seen... 14 beautiful inches of thick black cock. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to know what getting fucked by such a magnificent cock was like. He fucked your wife's pussy so hard and for so long, he was like a wife fucking machine. I loved every minute of it. I know that your 6 inch dick can never please Me sexually now that I have been fucked by a man that is superior to you in every way. Don't fret though. I still have a place for you. you will be of service to both of us. It really is your lucky day. you're going to know, like I do, what it's like to have 14 inches BBC in your face. We're going to put that pie hole of yours to work starting tonight. Welcum to your new marriage.

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I Want You Naked And Stroking


I knew I would find you here. you're always around to watch Me smoke. I see you're just the way I like you... naked and hard. Clearly you like to watch Me smoke and... well... I like to watch you stroke. Will you stroke that hard cock for Me today while I smoke? I know you will. Can you cum before I finish this Saratoga cigarette?

MILF Ass Rockin Yoga Pants


Satisfy your fetish for fine MILF ass. I'm rockin the Lululemon yoga pants today. I love the way they caress My ass as I move. No talking in this one. It's just you and My ass along with some background music so that you have a rockin beat to pace your cock stroking. I know you'll want to.

Mom's BFF Gives Johnny A Hand


Your parents are finally getting home. You arrive at My house to ride with Me to pick them up from the airport. I grab a cigarette pack and find that it's empty. I ask you to get the pack from My bed. You go to room to do that as I wait. When you entered My room you found the cigarettes on top of a magazine. When you touched the magazine you had a flashback to the last time you were at My house when you caught Me masturbating then I sucked your cock... What is taking you so long? I wonder as I wait. I decide to check up on you and find My bedroom door closed. I open it to catch you jerking off. We don't have time for this Johnny. Let Me help you out with that so that we can get this done quicker. I smoke while I jerk you off with My skillful hands until you drop a big load onto the magazine that started this erection.

Big Shiny Lips


Oh My big full DSLs are just want you want to see today. I've already got lipstick on but there's nothing wrong with adding another coat. Most would say they're perfect at that point but I know you like them really shiny. So I'll apply gloss to them and then proceed to visually tease you with that sexy MILF mouth and big shiny lips.

Spring Break Home Cumming


Spring Break is just around this corner so I decided to send you this little teasing video. I know you'll be home soon and I can't wait to play again. We usually do some foot play or I jerk you off but this time I want you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck your StepMom's sweet MILF pussy? I know you do and I'm going to tease you with it in this clip. I'm so glad you're cumming home for Spring Break.

Newport Smoking with Long Nails


I love the way feminine hands with long painted fingernails look when holding a cigarette. Two of My fetishes right there and they go together so well. I'm sure you'll understand it when you watch this video clip. I smoke this Newport menthol cigarette all the way to the filter, since that's what you like to see.

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