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Stroke It For That Ass


What are you doing? Staring at My ass again. I'm not surprised. Is it making you hot knowing that there is just a thin layer of material between your cock and My ass? Are you hard already? I know how much you want to fuck that ass. Well, if your going to jack off at least do it the way I say and stroke along with My hot ass. I like it when you slow stroke it; but, you're just to worked up and need to cum all over My ass.

MILF Cleavage and Saratoga Smoking


you love to watch a hot blonde MILF smoking a Saratoga cigarette. Today I'll show ya some sexy MILF cleavage in a vintage style bra while I smoke. Long fingernails and DSL's are the side dishes served up today. No need to speak, you'll be so busy staring you wouldn't hear Me anyway.

Becoming StepMom's Stunt Cock


In this POV, Taboo, MILF Blowjob clip you are My step son. I'm on live stream draining someone's wallet when you walk in recording Me. I confront you somewhat angrily for invading My space. you are supposed to be doing chores, including fixing My computer. you confess that you have already fixed the computer. While doing so you went snooping and found My tumblr then My website. you demand a blowjob to keep My porn life a secret. your attempt to blackmail amuses Me. And... well... since you're technically an adult, I decide to negotiate with you. I'll suck your dick if you record it. I intend to post it on My website and make some cash off of you. A nod of your head says that you agree. So, I go to work sucking your cock while looking in your eyes. When you can't take any more, I grab your cock and jerk it as you cum all over My big MILF titties. Since it's POV, it'll kinda be like I did it all to you.

Finding Out you're A cuckold


My twin sister is out of town on business. Her husband comes home to find Me at their house. I tell him that She asked Me to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't go out and cheat on Her. Something tells Me that he had something dirty on his mind since I could see the bulge in his pants growing. I intend to drain his balls. I pull down his shorts to reveal a hard cock. I brought some lube, sis says he loves wet handjobs. Oh yeah I know all about their sex life. She tells Me everything. I know She'll appreciate Me doing this. I have another secret. She isn't just doing business on Her trip. She is going out, picking up men and having sex, every night. This information makes him even harder. Clearly he likes this nasty talk about his slut wife. That's good to know because there's more. She's taking a liking to black cock. I think She's becoming addicted. I know that his wife giving herself to multiple big black cocks is his secret fantasy. He's about to explode now so I have to slow down. I need him to last; but, the more details I give him, the closer he gets. I remove My hand from his cock but still he ejaculates, without any help from Me. I laught as his orgasm and his marriage get ruined. It's clear that he cums at just the thought of his wife taking other men. She'll make it official when She gets home, his place is now as Her cuckold.

All Night Tease


Is this inappropriate for your company party? Well it's what I'm wearing. Is your dick getting hard? It always does when I wear lululemon yoga pants with high heels. I would be wearing a dress right now, but you didn't want to buy Me a new one. So, I decided to find just the right outfit to make your night, let's say, uncomfortable. I'll bet everyone likes the way My hot ass look in these tight spandex pants. I know they're your fetish and all night you'll have trouble concentrating while I parade around in these pants that make you so horny. Oh no, there will be no touching tonight. No touching this sweet ass and no touching yourself. It's going to be an all night tease with no satisfying ending for you. Now, let's get going.

Heel Dangling in Pantyhose


A sexy blonde MILF in a pencil skirt and pantyhose dangling Her heels. I know how much you like the view from below Me so that where I placed the camera today. Now I can tease you then dangle My heels with My pantyhosed feet right there in your face. No words are necessary to satisfy your fetish today.

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StepMom Is Your Best Girl


Did you forget that we have security cameras all around this house? Well, you must have because I saw a recording of you jerking off on the patio like it was the end of the world. You were looking at your phone the whole time. Curiosity got the best of Me so I went to your room today and got your phone. Yeah, I spied on you. Wow, you have a lot of porn on your phone. It seems that you like MILFs, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs and all of the girls you download have pretty fingernails. It looks like, maybe, I have created your fetishes. I'm not mad. I've got a surprise for you. Take off those shorts and sit down. I'm going to jerk you off nice and slow so that you can enjoy it. Maybe I can satisfy a few of your other fetishes while I do it. I don't think any girl will ever be able satisfy you when I'm finished today. That's ok though. StepMom is your perfect woman anyway.

Teacher Blows Smoke In your Face


Did you really think that I was going to pass you. Just because we have been playing little flirting games all year doesn't mean that you get a pass for showing up. I don't want to fail you so I have decided to punish you. I have selected a punishment just for you. Since you are the anti-smoking captain in this school, I have decided to make you sit there while I blow smoke in your face. The more you cough the worse it will get. How do you like that? Oh, if smoking is so bad and you are so disgusted by it... why do you have an erection?

Cum For My Ass in Denim


Look at this yummy hot ass. It always takes your breath away when I have it wrapped in denim, doesn't it. I'll bet you're already stroking that cock of yours. Are you thinking about having your nose buried in it? I know you are. Stroke that cock for My hot ass. Are you ready to cum all over it? Let's count it down.

Entertain Me While I Smoke


When I get home from a hard days work I'd like to be waited on hand and foot. Since that ain't going to happen, I want you to entertain Me by jerking off your big cock while I smoke. you can stroke everytine I take a drag. When I'm ready for you to cum, I'll give you a countdown.

Tricked Into Stroking Your Penis


In this POV virtual taboo handjob clip you have come to Me claiming that there is a spot on your penis that you need Me to inspect. I tell you that your father should be checking that, but you insist. I reluctantly agree but do not see any abnormal spots. you say that it is easier to see when you are erect. Once erect I still don't see anything strange. you suggest that I move the skin back then forth to reveal it. Still nothing but it seems that you are enjoying this a little too much. It becomes clear to Me that you have tricked Me into stroking your penis. I get mad but it's too late as you have already ejaculated all over My shirt and My big MILF tits.

Now That Your Mom Left


Finally, your mom left now I can see what you've been hiding in those jeans. I light up a smoke and begin My tease. I don't want either of us to get into trouble so, I have an idea... If I put a condom on your cock before I jerk and suck it then I'm not technically touching it so she really shouldn't get mad. and... It just so happens that I have a couple of condoms with me, here in My cigarette case. Speaking of My red leather cigarette case, I think that would be a good place for your cum to end up when I squeeze it from the condom.

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