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Busty MILF Smokes

Isn't much to say about this clip except it's just fucking SEXY! It's Me, a satin robe, cleavage and a VS120. Is there anything more perfect than a busty, blonde MILF smoking just for you? I think not!

your Cheating Wife

That cheating wife fantasy that you have gets you so fucking hot. Today you can get a feel of what it's like in this POV handjob clip. I'll start by telling you what a great time I had when I went out, without you of course. I can feel that your cock is already hard and I haven't even started to tell you about by new lover. I begin to stroke your cock and tell you more about My nasty night and about how I was fucked so well for so long. I stroke you faster as I talk dirtier. I can tell you want to cum from hearing the lurid details of your cheating slut wife's sex filled night. It's time put you over the edge. I tell you that My newest fuck had a big black cock. you cum hard as soon as I say the words. Afterall, that is your cheating wife fantasy.

StepMom Makes It Last

How does it feel now that you've finally graduated college? Well I told you I would have a special reward for you especially after making the Dean's List. Do you like the way My hands feel when I stroke your dick? As you've probably heard, as you get older, it's takes a little longer to cum. My gift to you is to make that erection last a long time. I will take My time gently massaging the head of your dick with just My fingertip. I want you to enjoy this. When you finally cum, you give Me 5 ropes of that college grad cum. you're such a good student. I knew I could make it last.

He Wants More Gets Ruined

your My neighbor's son, a college drop out that spends too much time everyday watching Me smoke and fantasizing about Me. In this POV Smoking, MILF, Handjob, Ruined Orgasm clip you find yourself lying on My bed in your boxer briefs with Me between your legs. My husband and your Mom would be none too happy with us if they knew what we were up too. I tease you about always watching Me smoke as I light up a More cigarette and begin to rub your cock. I know that's what you want. I stroke you slow and steady. you want to cum so badly. There's not going to be any joy for you today though as I intend to teach you a lesson, about invading My privacy, by squeezing your cock hard while you attempt to ejaculate.

Slick MILF Booty

Who loves a sweet, juicy bootay? You do, that's who! In this clip I will tease with My juicy MILF ass, oiling it up for ya making it all slick and shiny. I know all those naughty thoughts you're having. Your such a naughty boy. Buy this clip now and become My ass addict. You'll be wishing your were My thong in no time!

StepMom's Touch

In this POV Smoking MILF HandJob clip, I'm your StepMom. I'm in your room, I can see a bulge in your undershorts and a pair of My pink panties sticking out of them. I wake you with My hand on your cock. I think it's cute that you have such a fetish for Me that you would jerkoff with My panties. I remove your underwear and notice that your are wearing a cockring. I call it My promise ring and I'm glad that you like it, but I know about your other fetishes as well... Like when I smoke. So, I light up a Menthol VS120 and begin to play with your cock. StepMom's sexy hands and long fingernails get you to attention quickly. I put some slick lube on your cock and go to work. Almost instantly I can tell that you are to the edge. I stop stroking you and just wait. Without any provocation your cock erupts with a thick rope of cum followed by a seemingly unending flow of semen dripping all over My hand. Clearly I have presented too much for you to handle. I can't help but laugh and just how bad you have it for your StepMom's touch.

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Denimlicious Booty


Catchy title, huh. I know why you watch. you just can't get enough of that MILF ass. Looking a bit like a bubble butt in this clip. Topless MILF in jeans showing off that delicious booty for you. It's just what the booty boys love. It's just how I love to tease you, as well.

Smoking DSL


mmm, Big Sexy Lips. They would look so good on a big cock but you know that you love seeing them on the filter of a cigarette just as much. It's just so sexy watching a mature woman smoke, especially when it's up close and personal. That's why I made this clip just for you.

Stroked And Ruined


While stroking this dick. I'll change the pace, pressure and hand speed many times. I know he loves the way this handjob feels. I get him to the edge very quickly, then with great skill I just keep him there right at the edge of ejaculating. he can't wait to have a great orgasm. After I think it has been long enough I push him to the brink and quit. I just can't let him enjoy an orgasm. I love ruining them too much. Several seconds pass and then his ejaculate cums out without joy. I wait until his chance for any pleasure has passed then I stroke his now very sensitive penis. I know how painful this is for him. Too bad for him. Too funny for Me.

Stroke That Ass Loving Cock


I made you wait a while to see this hot MILF ass. Well, wait no more. Today you can stroke that ass loving cock of yours to My sweet MILF ass in black spandex pants. I'll tease you and instruct your stroking to make sure that you get yourself to a big cumshot for My ass. Are you ready to finally get that release and satisfy your craving for My hot ass?

Madam Nikki Smoking a Saratoga


A beautiful blonde MILF in a studded bra with a feather boa, wearing long black gloves and smoking a Saratoga. Like the Madam of a brothel I sit here and smoke for your pleasure and mine. Find yourself captivated by the power and beauty of this sex business owner.

Ruining My Sister's Son


In this POV MILF handjob clip you are My sister's son. you caught Me sucking your father's cock then you ran around telling everyone. So, I agreed to masturbate you in exchange for you keeping your fucking mouth shut. Things won't go quite the way you planned though as I know just how to deal with college pricks like you. I start to stroke your cock and tell you what's on My mind about your blackmail threats. I know that I'm ruining your chances to be turned on by a nice girl because you get harder the more I bitch at you. I decide it's time to ruin your confidence by telling you that your cock isn't very big and that I prefer big ones like your dad's. Still, your dick stays fully erect as you can't help but be turned on at My complete control over your dick. Finally when you can't take it any longer I stop stroking you and a few seconds later you ejaculate to a thoroughly ruined orgasm. I'm sure that'll ruin your self respect.

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Colorful and Smoky


Pretty blonde MILF, perky colorful finger nails and Misty blue 120's. What could make this any better. Well how about lighting that cigarette and smoking it up. Now that sounds and looks good to Me. Satisfy your smoking fetish now.

Graduation Ejaculation


In this POV, Smoking, MILF, Blowjob, Taboo clip I am your Aunt Nikki. I'm so proud of you. Four years ago when you started HS I promised you that if you graduated I would give you anything that you want. Now, your big day is here. you've had plenty of time to think about it. What do you want? What!? A Blowjob!? No way. I'm your Aunt. That is so wrong on so many levels. I know that I promised. Yes, I always keep My word. If anyone finds out... How can you be sure no one will find out? Well, you have worked really hard for four years. you've had your birthday, so you're legal now and you are My favorite nephew. Can you keep a secret? Fine then. Let's do it. you don't mind if I smoke while I suck your cock do you? I'm a little nervous about getting caught. Maybe if I just suck on the tip it won't be quite as wrong. Does this feel good? What? This is your first blowjob. Have you been saving up a really big load for Me? I can't wait to taste you. Congratulations graduate. I wonder what you will want when you graduate from college.

Cumming For MILF Cleavage


Hey titty lover. I've got what you crave right here. Nice MILF tits is a black lacy bra. Cum along while I tease you with them. I know you'll want to stroke your cock to My beautiful breasts so I'll encourage and instruct you while you do. Are you ready to cum on these big MILF tits that you love so much?

Smoking Section Seduction


I'm seated in the smoking section adjacent to you and your wife. She gives Me looks and complains about My smoke loud enough for Me to hear. That's all it takes to get Me started dressing her down right in front of you. Fuck her, this is the smoking section. Besides, I can clearly see that it doesn't bother you. you haven't stopped staring since I lit up. So, right in front of her I decide to make it My mission to seduce you while demoralizing her. I know exactly what kind of teasing it takes to make you dump her and leave with Me and that's just what I do in this clip.

Cum Stains On My Cigarette Case


It seems that what happens in Vegas ends up on My website or least it did this time. My bff Darla and, of course, Andy came to visit Me in Sin City. Just like everytime Andy is around My brown leather cigarette case goes missing. I made a surprise visit to the hotel room and found that Andy had My cigarette case and had been masturbating with it again. This isn't the first time this has happened and it probably won't be the last. I decide to take matters into My hands. Well, by matters I mean Andy's hard cock. I pull out My black leather cigarette case, remove a Newport 100, light it and start smoking while jerking his cock. I know how much he likes the soft leather of the case, so I masturbate him with it. It doesn't take long for him to cum all over My hand and both cigarette cases. No doubt that's what he wanted all along. I pick up both of My cum stained cigarette cases, put them in My purse and leave.

Benefits Of Failure


Well Captain Average all you had to do to keep your C average is turn your writing assignment in on time. But you failed and as a result you have failed My class. You were so bad that you single handedly lowered the class average which made Me look bad to the other teachers. I would like you to be able to move on so I have chosen to give you a chance to pass in exchange for 2 things. I want you to write "I will never embarrass or disappoint Mrs. Ashton again." 150 times and suffer some humiliation for My entertainment. I want you to drop your pants and masturbate your penis for Me. Right now. Take your time. I want this to last.

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