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Busty MILF Smokes

Isn't much to say about this clip except it's just fucking SEXY! It's Me, a satin robe, cleavage and a VS120. Is there anything more perfect than a busty, blonde MILF smoking just for you? I think not!

your Cheating Wife

That cheating wife fantasy that you have gets you so fucking hot. Today you can get a feel of what it's like in this POV handjob clip. I'll start by telling you what a great time I had when I went out, without you of course. I can feel that your cock is already hard and I haven't even started to tell you about by new lover. I begin to stroke your cock and tell you more about My nasty night and about how I was fucked so well for so long. I stroke you faster as I talk dirtier. I can tell you want to cum from hearing the lurid details of your cheating slut wife's sex filled night. It's time put you over the edge. I tell you that My newest fuck had a big black cock. you cum hard as soon as I say the words. Afterall, that is your cheating wife fantasy.

StepMom Makes It Last

How does it feel now that you've finally graduated college? Well I told you I would have a special reward for you especially after making the Dean's List. Do you like the way My hands feel when I stroke your dick? As you've probably heard, as you get older, it's takes a little longer to cum. My gift to you is to make that erection last a long time. I will take My time gently massaging the head of your dick with just My fingertip. I want you to enjoy this. When you finally cum, you give Me 5 ropes of that college grad cum. you're such a good student. I knew I could make it last.

He Wants More Gets Ruined

your My neighbor's son, a college drop out that spends too much time everyday watching Me smoke and fantasizing about Me. In this POV Smoking, MILF, Handjob, Ruined Orgasm clip you find yourself lying on My bed in your boxer briefs with Me between your legs. My husband and your Mom would be none too happy with us if they knew what we were up too. I tease you about always watching Me smoke as I light up a More cigarette and begin to rub your cock. I know that's what you want. I stroke you slow and steady. you want to cum so badly. There's not going to be any joy for you today though as I intend to teach you a lesson, about invading My privacy, by squeezing your cock hard while you attempt to ejaculate.

Slick MILF Booty

Who loves a sweet, juicy bootay? You do, that's who! In this clip I will tease with My juicy MILF ass, oiling it up for ya making it all slick and shiny. I know all those naughty thoughts you're having. Your such a naughty boy. Buy this clip now and become My ass addict. You'll be wishing your were My thong in no time!

StepMom's Touch

In this POV Smoking MILF HandJob clip, I'm your StepMom. I'm in your room, I can see a bulge in your undershorts and a pair of My pink panties sticking out of them. I wake you with My hand on your cock. I think it's cute that you have such a fetish for Me that you would jerkoff with My panties. I remove your underwear and notice that your are wearing a cockring. I call it My promise ring and I'm glad that you like it, but I know about your other fetishes as well... Like when I smoke. So, I light up a Menthol VS120 and begin to play with your cock. StepMom's sexy hands and long fingernails get you to attention quickly. I put some slick lube on your cock and go to work. Almost instantly I can tell that you are to the edge. I stop stroking you and just wait. Without any provocation your cock erupts with a thick rope of cum followed by a seemingly unending flow of semen dripping all over My hand. Clearly I have presented too much for you to handle. I can't help but laugh and just how bad you have it for your StepMom's touch.

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Mom's BFF Gives Your First BJ


Mom's best friend gives you your first blowjob and lets you cum on her yoga pants in this POV Smoking MILF Blowjob clip. I show up at your house to go to the gym with your mother but, she's late. I light up a cigarette and we start talking. You ask Me if you can ask Me anything. I say sure and you ask Me how to get your girlfriend to give you a blowjob. I'm taken aback and suggest you talk to your mother about these things but you persist. Have you really never had a blowjob before? I mean, really. I advise you that girls like to hear you say what you want. So, just tell her that you want her to suck your cock. It works 100% of the time. You look at Me and say that you want Me to suck your cock and you want to cum on my yoga pants. I can see that I am a victim of My own advise. I know it's wrong after all, I'm twice your age. I did say 100% of the time though, so I agree. I lower your shorts and waste no time grinding My hot MILF ass in yoga pants against it before turning around and taking you into My mouth. I suck your cock while smoking My cigarette. I give you the best (albeit the only) blowjob that you have ever had. When I can tell that you're about to explode I turn around and have you blast a huge load of white sticky cum onto My ass, all over My purple Lululemon yoga pants. Now don't tell anyone, especially not your mother.

No More Pecker Tracks


Get in here mister. I'm tired of cleaning your room and finding your pecker tracks from one end of the comforter to the other. Then, when I pull it back to clean it, I find your sheets are so crusty with your dried cum that they could stand on their own. It's disgusting. So, you are going to learn how to do laundry; but, first I have come up with and idea to stop the pecker tracks. I'm going to give you one of My socks and a pair of My panties. Don't look so shocked, I found them in your room anyway. you are going to masturbate with these and cum into them. I am going to make sure that you know how by having you do it for Me right now. Drop your pants.

Smoke and Jerk at Work


We work together. You have approached Me to ask if I would cover you next week so that you could go on vacation. I accept on one condition. I want you to do some thing for Me. I want you to entertain Me. I want you to masturbate for Me while I smoke a cigarette and enjoy the show. Now let's begin. I want your pants off and cock in hand by the time I light My cigarette. Very good. Now stroke that dick. I love that I can get you to do anything. No, you're not the first to stand before Me jerking off. Many in this office have sat right where you are to entertain Me. I own them just like I own you now. I'll give you a countdown then I want you to cum into My ashtray.

The School Nurse


Custom Clip - Condensed Version: In this POV, MILF, Nurse Play, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing clip... I'm the school nurse. I'm in My office when My secretary calls to see if I can sign a form to let a student play basketball. I ask the student's name and agree, telling her to send him to My office with the form. I hang up and smirk that I won't be "just signing" any forms. It's going to be a semen eating day because I just love young semen. When the student arrives I give him an examination and then inform him that I will need to check him penis and testicles. I remove his shorts and carefully examine his parts (POV Style). I let him know that I will need a semen sample to complete the exam. I'll have to get it before I can sign the form. I begin stroke and suck his penis. I remove My blouse and pantyhose. It's time to make him ejaculate. I perform oral sex on his penis until he ejaculates into a small cup. I then por his semen into My mouth, swallow and approve his form.

Stroke for MILF Ass in Pantyhose


I know you. You like MILFs, ass and pantyhose. When you can get all three then you just have to stroke to it. Well this one is for you. I'll instruct you to stroke your cock while I tempt and tease you with this sweet MILF ass in pantyhose.

Titty Teasing Jerkoff Instruction


Custom POV Video: Poor 't' I make him wait to cum so long. I love to tease and deny him but today he gets to rub one out to My cock teasing. I know just how much he loves to be teased with My nice MILF titties and a toy. I'll tease him, a lot, and instruct his masturbation until I coax out a huge load of cum. his feedback was that this was his favorite clip to date. That's saying a lot, he's been a fan since 2001.

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Smoking MILF Rub and Tug


How many wet dreams have you had thinking about Me smoking while jerking you off? Too many I'm sure. In this clip no time is wasted. This POV smoking handjob clip starts with (your) dick in My hand and My ashtray on your thigh. After a few strokes I remove a Newport Menthol from the box and light up. I'll smoke while giving your cock a good rub and tug using several different techniques. I'm in no hurry today though. It's your dream so, we might as well make it last. I finish one cigarette and keep working My soft hands and fingers on your cock edging you several times and playing with the precum. I light up another cigarette. Something tells Me that you'll cum before I finish this one.

Leg Crossing MILF in Pantyhose


A sexy MILF in pantyhose and high heels walks into a room and sits in a chair before you. So badly you hope She will cross Her legs. She does. Aware that you are watching, She can't help but have that look, you know the one. She crosses Her legs multiple times while also showing off those amazing legs in pantyhose. She even dangles Her high heel. No words are exchanged but you can tell that She knows what you are doing while She teases. She can't help but smile at the end, knowing the mess you have made.

Fill your Lungs with My Smoke


Sexy high heels, long legs in pantyhose, big MILF cleavage but the part that gets to you is the smoking. I know and I have a plan for you today. I want you to inhale My smoke. Let it fill your lungs. Go ahead and suck it all in.

Titty Fuck StepMom


Caught ya snooping in My drawers again. Why do you keep going to the bra drawer? Do you have a fetish for StepMom's tits? I know you do. We can never let this go anywhere though. I would never risk My marriage for sex with you... but... maybe there is something we could do. Wanna titty fuck your StepMom? Whip out that big cock and let's get to it.

MILF Ass In Shiny Pants


My bad-ass MILF ass in shiny blue spandex pants. Did you cum already? Since you love My sweet ass in shiny things, I made this for you. Not gonna tell to jerk it today, mainly because I already know that you will. Instead, I'll tease you visually while you do what you always do when My hot MILF ass is on your screen.

Newport Blowjob


Red fingernails, pink lips, smoking a Newport and sucking dick. Don't need to really add anything to that do I? If you're a fan of My smoking blowjobs then this is just what you like. No talking today, just Me smoking and blowing a cock until I get a mouthful of cum. Just your kind of video.

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