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Sinfully Sensual Smoking In Stockings


Smoking in a lace dress, stockings and tall, sexy heels... I have your fetishes covered today. Unless, of course, you have a panty fetish because I'm not wearing any. Do you really really think that you can make it all the way to the end of this clip with so much seduction and sinfully sensual teasing with My lady parts? I know just how to deliver your smoking in stockings fetish to put you over the edge and I don't need a bunch of talking to do it. Now is the time to feast on your fetishes.

Smoking VS120 In A Sexy Bra


A VS120 always gets your attention. But you get a bit weak for a hot MILF in a sexy bra. Today that MILF is smoking a VS120 for you. No distractions from your fetishes today. Take your time between the smoking and those nice MILF tits in that sexy blue bra. Maybe you should just watch it twice and rub two out. Once for the VS120 smoking and once for the sexy bra. Just sayin'.

VSXcellent Ass


I know lots of people stop into Victoria's Secret for lingerie and stuff. I ain't most people. I just went in and spotted these VSX yoga pants. I had to get them. I love them. I'm sure that you'll love how My ass looks so VSXcellent in them as I sway it and work it just the way you like. Won't surprise Me if you end up jerking off while watching My sweet MILF ass filling up your screen. I won't tell you to stroke. In fact, I won't say anything but, I'm pretty sure that you won't be able to keep your hand off your cock.

Crossing Legs While Smoking VS120


Oh how much you love to watch. Oh how much I love that you watch. What will you watch today? I'm smoking a VS120. I know that's your favorite cigarette to watch a lady smoke. But... I'm crossing My legs in that way that you love to watch also, with such natural movement. Uncrossing and crossing, so casual yet so erotic to you. But... I'm smoking My cigarette in that way that you love to see Me do it. I don't know what your eyes will focus on today; but, I know what your hand will be doing.

Quest For The Holy Grail


you chased it for so many years. Will you see it today? I want you to pull out your cock. i'm going to make you so fucking hard. As I open My legs, you find that you are before your dream... the Holy Grail beneath a very thin layer of sheer pantyhose. The sweet MILF pussy that you've begged for is now before your eyes. I know that your cock is rock hard now. As I move My hand over that MILF perfection, you feel compelled to stroke your cock. Worship My perfect pussy as I tease you. Will I let you see more? Will I allow you to cum? Or will you be denied both pussy and orgasm?

Take It All In


Pink lipstick on full MILF lips leaves a nice stain on the white cigarette filter. That's enough to do you in but, I think you need to breath in My exhales as well. No talking today as I smoke and blow My smoke at you. Just take in all of My second hand smoke and get yourself hooked.

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Prime MILF Ass In Jeans


I know you love this prime MILF ass. I decided to tease you with it in jeans today. No talking, just some music and Me moving that sweet ass in that way that I do, that I know drives you wild. Pull out your cock and click play. Now is the time to satisfy your craving for for My prime MILF ass in jeans.

Smoking In A Fuzzy Sweater


I hear you like My fuzzy white sweater. I get that a lot. I also realize that you can't help but watch Me smoke. So, I decided to smoke for you while wearing My soft fuzzy white sweater. What will you be doing while you watch? I think you'll being jerking off that hard cock.

Sneaking A HandJob


My best friend's son is johnny boy. We've gotten together a few times for Me to give him a handjob or blowjob. But, it's been a while since we've done anything and, even though it's wrong, I've been craving him. I went to his parent's house for his dad's b-day. When everyone wanted to play a boardgame, I saw My chance to be sneaky. I tell everyone that I'll just go outside, have a smoke and read this magazine article about sex habits that you wouldn't tell your friends. How ironic since I have one of those habits. I grab My smokes and magazine and head downstairs. I quickly sneak back up, check if the coast is clear and slowly open johnny boy's bedroom door. I find him laying on the bed, as if he knew that I wouldn't be able to resist sneaking in. I waste no time getting on My knees and feeling his cock through his pants. He's already hard. Clearly he is as horny as I am. I don't have much time if I am to avoid getting caught by his parents, so I pull his pants down, light up a cigarette, grab My lube and go to work. I have to get this done quickly so, I do it in a way that I know he won't be able to last long. It seems that watching My smoke while stroking his cock with his parents just outside the door got him to the edge in a hurry. In a surprise move he stands up, I grab his cock and as I start to stroke it he cums on My face. I wasn't expecting him to do that and it was a massive load. How am I going to explain My shiny, glowing face to his mom? I tease him a bit about finishing so quickly and suggest we do this more often to build up his stamina. Afterall, how will he ever be able to fuck Me if smoking handjobs are more than he can handle?

Saratoga Smoking Bra Tease


I've got a pack of Saratoga and a lighter stuffed into My bra along with those big MILF tits. Are you staring? I remove My cigarette pack and use My mouth to remove one. I slide out My lighter and continue teasing. I'll take My time lighting it so that you can anticipate and enjoy the moment. No reason to talk today. We both know what you are going to do. I light up My Saratoga and smoke in that way that you like. I'll tease and trace My French tipped fingernails along those big breasts, continually drawing your attention to My pretty white bra. you can't help but stare and that's fine with Me. I love being the reason you cum today.

The Neighborhood Slut MILF


When I asked you to come over, I didn't expect you to show up before Me in your underwear. Appearantly the rumors about Me have gotten fully around town. You must have heard that I have been known to give blowjobs to some of the guys in the neighborhood. But you showing up in your unders implies that you think that I'm the neighborhood slut MILF. Well, maybe I am. So, I'm gonna suck your cock and get a huge load of cum on My big MILF Titties.

Ass For Days


Oh My that sweet MILF ass is looking so good today in vintage style lingerie and pantyhose. No doubt in My mind that you'll have to rub one out while watching. I don't need to instruct you, I know but, I will give you a couple of hand gestures to kinda acknowledge that I know what you're doing. I doubt that you'll even notice, though, with so much hot MILF ass in pantyhose on your screen. Watch it over and over... Worship My ass for days.

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