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Fine and Shiny MILF Ass


Here's a great way to see a fine MILF ass. I'm wearing shiny pantyhose and a thong unitard. I know it looks a bit 80's retro but hey that's how I'm rolling in this one. I love the way the thong separates that ass. It's just so damn yummy looking. Anyway, I won't be talking in this one as there is no need. Just seeing My fine and shiny MILF ass teasing will be all you need.

Pantyhose Leg Crossing


It has recently cum to My attention that you have a fetish for crossed legs. That's good know as I now have yet another way to own and manipulate you without words. I walk in and sit in My chair. I'm wearing a black dress, pantyhose and high heels. I teasingly cross and uncross My legs multiple times before standing up and walking away.

Masturbate For My Hot MILF Ass


What are you doing in My room. Oh I know why you're here. you're hoping to get a look at My hot MILF ass, aren't you. Well, I'll show you what you want if you do what I want. I want you to masturbate your big hard cock while you watch My sweet MILF ass. I'll instruct you while I tease you with My hot ass and sexy MILF tits. Keep stroking for Me, naughty boy, and I'll strip off My lacy cover and My super short skirt to reveal My hot pink micro thong. It's perfect for showing you all of My, ever so awesome, ass. Are you masturbating hard for Me now? Give Me what I want... shoot your hot load for My ass.

Fuzzy Sweaters Are your Weakness


I know fuzzy sweaters are your weakness so, I start by denying you seeing mine. I have it covered in a shiny jacket. Enjoy the tease and the anticipation. I remove My jacket and you get to see that fuzzy black sweater. you know it would feel so good on your cock. I can see that your cock is hard now. you want to jerk off while I tease and instruct you so, that's what we'll do. Are you ready to follow My instruction and encouragement until you cum so hard for My fuzzy sweater?

Is This How It Started?


Is this how it all started for you? You're seated at a table. Across from you is an older woman, maybe she's your mother maybe she's just the neighbor. Your face barely comes up over the ashtray. She lights a cigarette and starts smoking basically right in your face. You can't look away. The long fingernails, lipstick, cigarette and smoke are overwhelming your senses. When she flicks her ashes it like she does it right in your face. Is this how it started for you? Relive the experience.

Booty Shorts Beat Off


Sweet MILF ass in booty shorts and pantyhose. The really short thong style short shorts really show off that hot ass. I know you need to stroke that cock so I'll give you a little encouragement and a lot of sexy ass to keep you motivated. Show your love and devotion by ejaculating a huge load of sticky cum then break open that wallet and thank Me properly for the experience.

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Mom's BFF Catches Johnny Jerking


In this POV, Smoking, MILF, Handjob, Facial clip you get to be Johnny, My best friend's son. When the clip starts I'm just lighting up a cigarette when I get a call from your Mom asking Me if I can check in on you while they are on vacation. Of course I can check on Johnny boy I tell her. I confirm that I have have a key to her house as we chat for a bit and I hang up. I try to call you but I don't get an answer. When I arrive at your house I use My key and enter. I call out your name but you don't answer. I come upstairs and enter your room to find you masturbating. We are both surprised but somehow I manage to keep My composure. What are you masturbating to? I ask. you show Me your phone ans it seems you are stroking to a mature woman smoking while jerking off a cock. The clip on your phone ends with the woman getting a facial. Since I don't want you to be scarred by getting caught I remind you that I smoke and maybe we could make this a good experience rather than an embarassing one. you don't say no so I proceed to touch your cock. I notice the lube you have nearby that you had not applied yet. Clearly I got here just as you were getting started. I light a cigarette, apply the lube generously and begin stroking your semi-hard cock. Isn't this better than watching those videos? Ya know, your Mom will be gone all week maybe we can make this a thing. I have you stand up as your cock gets hard for Me. I finish My cigarette and light another. I intend to make you cum all over My face, just like the video you were watching, before I finish this cigarette. In the end, with My face covered in your cum, I smoke and ask you if loved making your fantasy a reality.

MILF Cleavage in a Black Bra


you only get the big MILF cleavage in a bra today. I know how much you love to stare at the titties when you see a hot MILF in public. I decided to save you some embarassment of getting caught looking today and let My cleavage and this sexy black bra fill up your screen so that you can get your (.)(.) fetish satisfied in privacy today. Did you even notice My pretty red fingernails?

Nikki Crossing Legs While Smoking


A sexy blonde MILF in a blue dress and blue high heels smoking a blue cigarette would be a jerk worthy clip in it's own right. But I know how much you love nay, how much you need to be teased so... I took My long tan MILF legs in pantyhose and I crossed them then I uncrossed them. I know that you love it so I did it repeatedly. I let you see from the front and from the side. I extended My leg and dangled My heel for you. I spread my legs and let you get a peak before getting back to crossing and smoking and teasing and owning you.

Smoking A Kent


Here is a treat for you. I break out a classic cigarette, Kent. Oh yeah, I know My cigarettes. It's a hobby and a fetish. I knew this would be a special one for you so I take My time removing the new soft pack of Kent from My leather cigarette case, packing and opening it and then teasing out a long white cigarette. I put the smokes back into the black leather case and proceed to light and smoke this deliciously classic filtered cigarette. Were you so focused that you forgot to notice My sexy bra and MILF cleavage?

Tight MILF Ass In Pantyhose


I know how sometimes you don't want to be told anything. you just want to unwind and relieve the stress while watching a tight MILF ass in pantyhose on your screen. Let yourself be swept away in fantasy while watching My sweet ass in black pantyhose tease and satisfy your fetishes. Go ahead and do what you need to while you watch. I won't interrupt you.

Your Girlfriend's Hot Mom


You have come over to your girlfriend's house for pizza with her parents but, she and her dad aren't back yet. It's just you and her hot mom (Me). You have been jerking off thinking about this hot MILF for as long as you have been dating My daughter. I ask for your opinion, " Am I too old to be wearing these yoga pants?" You don't know what to say but I keep talking so, your off the hook for now. "I really like them" I say before adding "I think you like them, too". You can feel how firm My ass is in them if you want to. Of course you do, so you reach out and grab some of My sweet MILF ass. I move away as you slap My ass once. I offers you another feel and you grab at all of My MILF goodies. I make you stop and say that I get a feel of you since you got to feel Me. I touch your hard cock through your jeans and say, "I can do something about this" as I start unzipping your pants and lowering them. I take your cock in My hands and mouth and start sucking you. I stop to let you rub it against My yoga pants again before getting back to sucking you off. When I sense that you are ready to cum I turn around and present My yoga pants covered ass for you to cum on, which you do... leaving a big cummy mess on My ass just as My husband and daughter are arriving back home. We better hurry up and get this cleaned up.

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