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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

Mom's BFF Gives Your First BJ

Mom's best friend gives you your first blowjob and lets you cum on her yoga pants in this POV Smoking MILF Blowjob clip. I show up at your house to go to the gym with your mother but, she's late. I light up a cigarette and we start talking. You ask Me if you can ask Me anything. I say sure and you ask Me how to get your girlfriend to give you a blowjob. I'm taken aback and suggest you talk to your mother about these things but you persist. Have you really never had a blowjob before? I mean, really. I advise you that girls like to hear you say what you want. So, just tell her that you want her to suck your cock. It works 100% of the time. You look at Me and say that you want Me to suck your cock and you want to cum on my yoga pants. I can see that I am a victim of My own advise. I know it's wrong after all, I'm twice your age. I did say 100% of the time though, so I agree. I lower your shorts and waste no time grinding My hot MILF ass in yoga pants against it before turning around and taking you into My mouth. I suck your cock while smoking My cigarette. I give you the best (albeit the only) blowjob that you have ever had. When I can tell that you're about to explode I turn around and have you blast a huge load of white sticky cum onto My ass, all over My purple Lululemon yoga pants. Now don't tell anyone, especially not your mother.

Sister in Law Ruins You

In this POV smoking, handjob, blowjob, edging, ruined orgasm clip it'll be like it's you that's married to My sister, that fucking cunt. you start by sneaking a peek at Me smoking in the backroom while our family is in the den. I see you and invite you in. I know how much you like to watch Me smoke; afterall, this isn't our first time alone. I'm smoking and bitching about your wife when I notice that your cock is getting hard. I just can't help Myself and I offer you a hand. Of course, you accept. I get to work on My brother in law's cock with My fingers, hands, tongue, lips, and mouth taking him to the edge several times. I know how much you want to cum. I don't help you get there but still you erupt several ropes of thick cum into the air as I can't help but show My surprise that you finished without stimulation. Now, how are we going to explain all of this cum on My jeans. What will we tell your cunt wife?

your Cheating Wife

That cheating wife fantasy that you have gets you so fucking hot. Today you can get a feel of what it's like in this POV handjob clip. I'll start by telling you what a great time I had when I went out, without you of course. I can feel that your cock is already hard and I haven't even started to tell you about by new lover. I begin to stroke your cock and tell you more about My nasty night and about how I was fucked so well for so long. I stroke you faster as I talk dirtier. I can tell you want to cum from hearing the lurid details of your cheating slut wife's sex filled night. It's time put you over the edge. I tell you that My newest fuck had a big black cock. you cum hard as soon as I say the words. Afterall, that is your cheating wife fantasy.

StepMom Makes the Rules

In this POV clip I'm your StepMom. As you walk into the kitchen you find Me there in My apron, smoking and perusing a cookbook. I'm trying to find a recipe for dinner as your new girlfriend is coming over. I have some rules around here though. The first one is no fucking in this house. I can't having you dropping that dick off in some bitch and knocking her up. No fucking. I forbid it. It's My house and I make the rules. I also enforce them. Wondering how I'm going to stop you? Well, StepMom is going to jerk that cock of yours right here, right now. I'm going to drain those balls so that you can't fuck her even if you want to. Consider yourself lucky to have a StepMom that cares so much. We have to hurry though. We can't have anyone coming home and catching us.

Before Marrying My Daughter

So, you're marrying My daughter in a few days. Well, I'm not so sure that you can be faithful to Her. I see the way you're always checking Me out. I think it best that I get that out of your system so that you can devote yourself fully to My daughter. Do you want your soon to be Mother-In-Law to jerk you off? I can see that you not really in a position to say no to Me. Don't say a word. Lay back and enjoy because this is the last handy your ever going to get from Me. This memory will live in the back of your mind but your life will be all about My daughter from now on.

Nikki Smokes While Sucking Cock

What better to see than a hot MILF smoking a cigarette while sucking cock. It's two of your favorite things and they're both in this clip. I'll start by lighting My cigarette. I then call you forward. I'll tease the cock with My pantyhosed feet for a few seconds but I have other plans. I rub your cock over your undershorts and pull out your dick. A little kiss on the tip leaves lipstick evidence. I'll take My time knowing that I'll make it ejaculate before I finish My smoke. Sensual smoking and cock sucking always puts you over the edge. I'll make this cock cum and then finish My Misty with a cummy mouth. It's like I was blowing you in this POV smoking blowjob clip.

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Latest Updates

Prime MILF Ass In Jeans


I know you love this prime MILF ass. I decided to tease you with it in jeans today. No talking, just some music and Me moving that sweet ass in that way that I do, that I know drives you wild. Pull out your cock and click play. Now is the time to satisfy your craving for for My prime MILF ass in jeans.

Smoking In A Fuzzy Sweater


I hear you like My fuzzy white sweater. I get that a lot. I also realize that you can't help but watch Me smoke. So, I decided to smoke for you while wearing My soft fuzzy white sweater. What will you be doing while you watch? I think you'll being jerking off that hard cock.

Sneaking A HandJob


My best friend's son is johnny boy. We've gotten together a few times for Me to give him a handjob or blowjob. But, it's been a while since we've done anything and, even though it's wrong, I've been craving him. I went to his parent's house for his dad's b-day. When everyone wanted to play a boardgame, I saw My chance to be sneaky. I tell everyone that I'll just go outside, have a smoke and read this magazine article about sex habits that you wouldn't tell your friends. How ironic since I have one of those habits. I grab My smokes and magazine and head downstairs. I quickly sneak back up, check if the coast is clear and slowly open johnny boy's bedroom door. I find him laying on the bed, as if he knew that I wouldn't be able to resist sneaking in. I waste no time getting on My knees and feeling his cock through his pants. He's already hard. Clearly he is as horny as I am. I don't have much time if I am to avoid getting caught by his parents, so I pull his pants down, light up a cigarette, grab My lube and go to work. I have to get this done quickly so, I do it in a way that I know he won't be able to last long. It seems that watching My smoke while stroking his cock with his parents just outside the door got him to the edge in a hurry. In a surprise move he stands up, I grab his cock and as I start to stroke it he cums on My face. I wasn't expecting him to do that and it was a massive load. How am I going to explain My shiny, glowing face to his mom? I tease him a bit about finishing so quickly and suggest we do this more often to build up his stamina. Afterall, how will he ever be able to fuck Me if smoking handjobs are more than he can handle?

Saratoga Smoking Bra Tease


I've got a pack of Saratoga and a lighter stuffed into My bra along with those big MILF tits. Are you staring? I remove My cigarette pack and use My mouth to remove one. I slide out My lighter and continue teasing. I'll take My time lighting it so that you can anticipate and enjoy the moment. No reason to talk today. We both know what you are going to do. I light up My Saratoga and smoke in that way that you like. I'll tease and trace My French tipped fingernails along those big breasts, continually drawing your attention to My pretty white bra. you can't help but stare and that's fine with Me. I love being the reason you cum today.

The Neighborhood Slut MILF


When I asked you to come over, I didn't expect you to show up before Me in your underwear. Appearantly the rumors about Me have gotten fully around town. You must have heard that I have been known to give blowjobs to some of the guys in the neighborhood. But you showing up in your unders implies that you think that I'm the neighborhood slut MILF. Well, maybe I am. So, I'm gonna suck your cock and get a huge load of cum on My big MILF Titties.

Ass For Days


Oh My that sweet MILF ass is looking so good today in vintage style lingerie and pantyhose. No doubt in My mind that you'll have to rub one out while watching. I don't need to instruct you, I know but, I will give you a couple of hand gestures to kinda acknowledge that I know what you're doing. I doubt that you'll even notice, though, with so much hot MILF ass in pantyhose on your screen. Watch it over and over... Worship My ass for days.

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Erotic Seduction


You have no chance to resist Me in this clip. Similiar to Sinfully Seductive, I will use My perfect Lady part to tease you while I smoke. Sexy lingerie and a Saratoga cigarette are the beginning of your demise. I realize that your smoking fetish is strong but, do you really think that you can keep from focusing all of your attention on My sweet pink perfection? Clearly no words are necessary to seduce you into becoming hopelessly addicted to watching My videos.

Girlfriend's Hot Mom Sucks you Dry


Ever since you began dating My daughter, I have made it clear that you are not permitted to have sex with her. I promised to get you off anytime that you were really horny and needed to unload. I have always kept that promise. I heard that you have special plans with My daughter tonight. you're planning on doing something with her that I would not approve of. I won't let that happen. I know that you love to watch Me smoke and I think that you will love Me sucking your cock while I do it. How does that sound? I knew you would agree. I'm the only person that understands your fetish. Sometimes I think that you only date My daughter so that you can keep hooking up with Me. Now get over here so I can suck that cock. I want your cum all over My big MILF titties. I'm going to take your cum and your erection, so that My daughter can remain chaste.

Your Big Cock Inside Me


You're going to love this POV, MILF Dildo Fucking clip! You have dreamed of putting your big young cock into My sweet MILF pussy and now you finally get to, virtually. I love the way you get so hard, so fast for Me. I'll start by teasing your big dick with My nails and hands before stroking you with My pantyhosed feet. I know how much you love the way a pantyhose footjob feels but, I want you inside Me. I put some motion lotion on My hands and stroke your long cock with both hands. Just enough of that. You could cum so easily right now if I wanted you to but, you know what I want. I place the tip of your dick at the gates of Heaven before gliding across the top of it with My wet MILF pussy. It's time. We both want it. I tell you to go slow at first as you enter Me. It feels so could. You're so big. Once I'm comfortable with you deep inside Me, I start riding your cock faster. You love watching My pantyhose covered MILF ass as I bounce up and down on your cock. I want you inside Me forever. Fuck Me good, I moan to you as I ride your cock faster and harder until We cum together. I lick the tip of your dick to taste our pleasure. I love it. I want your big cock inside Me again, soon.

Sinful Saratoga Smoking Pussy Tease


I know that you are a fan of My "sinful" clips so, you know what you are going to get to see today. I'm smoking a Saratoga while teasing you with the smoking, My shiny red vinyl thigh high boots and, of course, My sweet MILF pussy. Will you be able to contain yourself? This clip has all of your fetishes in it plus long legs, spread wide open and Heaven on full display, right on your screen. What are you waiting for? you don't want the gates of Heaven to close before you get in. Do you?

Sinfully Seductive


Your dreams have definitely come to life today. In this sinfully seductive video I'll smoke a VS120 cigarette wearing red thigh high boots and a red corset. Of course you get to stare at My big MILF titties while I smoke but, today you get to see what you really want to see... Oh yes, that sweet MILF pussy is on full dispaly to motivate your stroking. I'll encourage you to jerkoff for Me while teasing and seducing you with all of My lovely Lady parts. I doubt you will be able to take your eyes of of them. There's just so much to see you'll have to watch it several times so that you can focus each time on each of your fetishes. Did you even notice that I blew smoke in your face and flicked ashes at you? I always know how to push your buttons.

you Do Love your StepMom


I walk in to tell you something only to find you all laid out with your dick out. Is this all you do all day... jerkoff? I'll bet you're thinking about Me aren't you. Well, it's your lucky day. I've had My eye on your cock for a while. I'm sure you have been fantasizing about having your StepMom all over your cock, too. Haven't you. I stroke, kiss and suck on your cock in the POV clip until you ejaculate on My hand. you just couldn't hold out very long. you really do love your StepMom, don't you. Now, let's keep this a secret between us.

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