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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

Mom's BFF Gives Your First BJ

Mom's best friend gives you your first blowjob and lets you cum on her yoga pants in this POV Smoking MILF Blowjob clip. I show up at your house to go to the gym with your mother but, she's late. I light up a cigarette and we start talking. You ask Me if you can ask Me anything. I say sure and you ask Me how to get your girlfriend to give you a blowjob. I'm taken aback and suggest you talk to your mother about these things but you persist. Have you really never had a blowjob before? I mean, really. I advise you that girls like to hear you say what you want. So, just tell her that you want her to suck your cock. It works 100% of the time. You look at Me and say that you want Me to suck your cock and you want to cum on my yoga pants. I can see that I am a victim of My own advise. I know it's wrong after all, I'm twice your age. I did say 100% of the time though, so I agree. I lower your shorts and waste no time grinding My hot MILF ass in yoga pants against it before turning around and taking you into My mouth. I suck your cock while smoking My cigarette. I give you the best (albeit the only) blowjob that you have ever had. When I can tell that you're about to explode I turn around and have you blast a huge load of white sticky cum onto My ass, all over My purple Lululemon yoga pants. Now don't tell anyone, especially not your mother.

Sister in Law Ruins You

In this POV smoking, handjob, blowjob, edging, ruined orgasm clip it'll be like it's you that's married to My sister, that fucking cunt. you start by sneaking a peek at Me smoking in the backroom while our family is in the den. I see you and invite you in. I know how much you like to watch Me smoke; afterall, this isn't our first time alone. I'm smoking and bitching about your wife when I notice that your cock is getting hard. I just can't help Myself and I offer you a hand. Of course, you accept. I get to work on My brother in law's cock with My fingers, hands, tongue, lips, and mouth taking him to the edge several times. I know how much you want to cum. I don't help you get there but still you erupt several ropes of thick cum into the air as I can't help but show My surprise that you finished without stimulation. Now, how are we going to explain all of this cum on My jeans. What will we tell your cunt wife?

your Cheating Wife

That cheating wife fantasy that you have gets you so fucking hot. Today you can get a feel of what it's like in this POV handjob clip. I'll start by telling you what a great time I had when I went out, without you of course. I can feel that your cock is already hard and I haven't even started to tell you about by new lover. I begin to stroke your cock and tell you more about My nasty night and about how I was fucked so well for so long. I stroke you faster as I talk dirtier. I can tell you want to cum from hearing the lurid details of your cheating slut wife's sex filled night. It's time put you over the edge. I tell you that My newest fuck had a big black cock. you cum hard as soon as I say the words. Afterall, that is your cheating wife fantasy.

StepMom Makes the Rules

In this POV clip I'm your StepMom. As you walk into the kitchen you find Me there in My apron, smoking and perusing a cookbook. I'm trying to find a recipe for dinner as your new girlfriend is coming over. I have some rules around here though. The first one is no fucking in this house. I can't having you dropping that dick off in some bitch and knocking her up. No fucking. I forbid it. It's My house and I make the rules. I also enforce them. Wondering how I'm going to stop you? Well, StepMom is going to jerk that cock of yours right here, right now. I'm going to drain those balls so that you can't fuck her even if you want to. Consider yourself lucky to have a StepMom that cares so much. We have to hurry though. We can't have anyone coming home and catching us.

Before Marrying My Daughter

So, you're marrying My daughter in a few days. Well, I'm not so sure that you can be faithful to Her. I see the way you're always checking Me out. I think it best that I get that out of your system so that you can devote yourself fully to My daughter. Do you want your soon to be Mother-In-Law to jerk you off? I can see that you not really in a position to say no to Me. Don't say a word. Lay back and enjoy because this is the last handy your ever going to get from Me. This memory will live in the back of your mind but your life will be all about My daughter from now on.

Nikki Smokes While Sucking Cock

What better to see than a hot MILF smoking a cigarette while sucking cock. It's two of your favorite things and they're both in this clip. I'll start by lighting My cigarette. I then call you forward. I'll tease the cock with My pantyhosed feet for a few seconds but I have other plans. I rub your cock over your undershorts and pull out your dick. A little kiss on the tip leaves lipstick evidence. I'll take My time knowing that I'll make it ejaculate before I finish My smoke. Sensual smoking and cock sucking always puts you over the edge. I'll make this cock cum and then finish My Misty with a cummy mouth. It's like I was blowing you in this POV smoking blowjob clip.

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Latest Updates

Making you Cum


Look at that hot ass. Everytime you see it you can't help but stare then your cock gets hard. Next thing you know your hard cock is in your hand and your stroking it while staring at that ass. It's time to just own up to your ass infatuation and watch this clip knowing that I'm going to work that ass for ya while instructing and envouraging you masturbation. So, get it up and let's get this private party started.

Controlled By My Second Hand Smoke


Do you like watching Me smoke? Do you like the long white 120's? Have you breathed in My second hand smoke? Today you will. My seductive voice will draw you in and My second hand smoke will consume you. I will take control of your mind, body and soul with each inhale of My exhale. Stick out your tongue. I'm going to use it as My ashtray.

Filling In For Dad


I need to talk to you about something. When your father and I got married we made an arrangement. he knows that I can't be expected to live a sexless life; but, he's impotent. When we dicussed out options your name came up. We agreed and I have waited patiently since our wedding for today. you finally became a man today and I can't wait to show you what I have in store for you. Please don't be nervous as I place My hand on your crotch. Is this ok, I ask. Do you want Me to stop. We can take it slow and just start with a blowjob today. Would you like StepMom to suck your cock? Do you want to cum in StepMom's mouth?

Crossing My Legs Captivates you


No words are necessary when you have the right arsenal. Pink high heels, pantyhose, a hot milf and a chair. Keeping you captivated with a visual tease. Crossing My legs repeatedly with a few stops to dangle My heels and let you take in all of these dreamy legs. Then I'm back to crossing My legs over and over burning the image into your mind.

Worship My Ass With your Eyes


MILF ass in white yoga pants, oh My, take it all in. Feast your eyes on all of that tight MILF perfection. I'll put on the show while you worship My hot ass with your eyes. No words exchanged in this encounter. Let the movements take over your mind and control your erection. It's ok if you need to stroke your cock while watching. I like it when you do.

Full MILF Lips Painted Black


Everybody has a kink and your kink is big, full, DSL, MILF lips painted in black lipstick. I'll outline them and fill them in just the way you like. Then, when they're all dark I'll add some reddish colored gloss to them to really make them shine. I wonder if you'll even be able to last that long. I doubt it.

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I Will Make You Love Smoking


My man walks into the living room with his camcorder just as I'm lighting up a Marlboro Gold 100 and starts bitching about what a nasty habit smoking is. He wants Me to quit. Fuck him. I'm not quitting. He thinks that if he records Me smoking that somehow that will make we want to quit. That's funny. I decided to flip the script on him. I'll wager that I can make you love My smoking before I finish this cigarette. He laughs, there's no way. I'll bet you won't mind My smoking if I'm sucking your cock while I do it. he didn't see that one coming. I make him come over. I drop his pants and start sucking his cock while I smoke. He coughs as My smoke hits his face. Stop being such a pussy I tell him as I take his cock in My mouth. The more I blow him the harder he gets. Before I finish the first cigarette I know that I have complete control over him as he's now inhaling My exhales and becoming addicted himself. I light up another Marlboro and keep sucking his cock making sure that I let smoke billow up around his cock and into his lungs. He confesses that he's about to cum for My cigarette and he lets loose a massive load of cum that gags Me. It was like he was trying to drown Me in cum. There's no denying that he loves My smoking now. With cum on My shirt, My yoga pants and dripping out of My mouth I take another drag. I'll have to get ready all over again to go run our errands now. He says he'll buy Me a pack of cigarettes on the way. I win.

Leg Crossing Pussy Tease


So easy to control you with My long MILF legs in fishnet pantyhose. I like fishnets because, when I want to, I can let you see just the right amount of sweet MILF pussy. Crossing My legs, I'll control the tease and the denial. The longer you watch, the more I'll let you see. Taking My time increases your arousal as well as My control over you... without saying any words.

Pretty Pink Lips Smoking Saratoga


I know how to turn you on. I start by removing My lipstick from My Louis Vuitton purse. I then apply some of the pretty color to My full MILF lips. Then I get My Saratoga cigarettes and light one up. I know you love the way those pretty pink lips take the cork filter of the cigarette. Sexy smoking, just the way you like it, all the way to the end of the cigarette.

Enjoy The Show


I was going to do a titty tease clip but when I saw it was you watching I quickly turned to your two favorite things pantyhose and MILF ass. So I cued the music and put on show for you showing off My sweet MILF ass in pantyhose. Enjoy the show. I think I know what you'll be doing.

Today I Wanted More


I got the camera all set up to make a POV More smoking clip. I light up My More cigarette; but, for whatever reason, I just wasn't feeling the whole 'look up into your My eyes as I smoke' thing. This setup need something more. I simply wanted more today. I notice that My cameraman (you) are pitching a tent. Clearly you like the set up. I tell you to come forward. Come closer. As your obvious erection comes into view of the framing, I slide your shorts down to reveal your raging hard on. Now I have what I want today. More than just a More in My mouth. I give you a POV smoking blowjob until you ejaculate your huge load all over My big MILF tits. That's just what this smoking clip needed.



Her assistant walk in to bring Ms. Ashton Her lunch cigar. he finds that Her desk has been moved and She is sitting legs akimbo. he kneels down to light Her cigar. he can now see that She is wearing no panties beneath Her pantyhose. The power She exudes, sitting in this position, not caring that he can see is so intoxicating. It overtakes him and without being told to or asking permission he lowers his head between Her open legs. She never fliches as breathes in Her scent. She continues to smoke the cigar he just brought Her as he licks the gusset of Her pantyhose just a layer of material between his tongue and Her sweet pussy. She puts Her hand on his head and pulls him in tighter as if to let him know that this isn't ending soon. She lifts his head only to blow the smoke from Her cherry cigar into his face then pulls his head back in. She finally tires of his assistance, lifts his head for once last breath of smoke then pushes him away.

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