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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

Nikki Smokes While Sucking Cock

What better to see than a hot MILF smoking a cigarette while sucking cock. It's two of your favorite things and they're both in this clip. I'll start by lighting My cigarette. I then call you forward. I'll tease the cock with My pantyhosed feet for a few seconds but I have other plans. I rub your cock over your undershorts and pull out your dick. A little kiss on the tip leaves lipstick evidence. I'll take My time knowing that I'll make it ejaculate before I finish My smoke. Sensual smoking and cock sucking always puts you over the edge. I'll make this cock cum and then finish My Misty with a cummy mouth. It's like I was blowing you in this POV smoking blowjob clip.

Sister in Law Ruins You

In this POV smoking, handjob, blowjob, edging, ruined orgasm clip it'll be like it's you that's married to My sister, that fucking cunt. you start by sneaking a peek at Me smoking in the backroom while our family is in the den. I see you and invite you in. I know how much you like to watch Me smoke; afterall, this isn't our first time alone. I'm smoking and bitching about your wife when I notice that your cock is getting hard. I just can't help Myself and I offer you a hand. Of course, you accept. I get to work on My brother in law's cock with My fingers, hands, tongue, lips, and mouth taking him to the edge several times. I know how much you want to cum. I don't help you get there but still you erupt several ropes of thick cum into the air as I can't help but show My surprise that you finished without stimulation. Now, how are we going to explain all of this cum on My jeans. What will we tell your cunt wife?

Your Best Friend's Mom

I'm preparing dinner and turn around to find that you are watching Me while rubbing your cock through your pants. I call you out and warn you that My son would come unglued if he knew that his best friend was jerking off for his mom. You are not deterred so I decide to encourage you. Go ahead and pull out your cock and stroke it for Me. I'll instruct your masturbation while teasing you. I know you have a thing for MILF ass and legs in pantyhose. I know you want to fuck My big MILF titties as well. Oh are you going to cum? Cum in My mouth. I'll have My dessert before dinner.

The Boner Pill

In this POV, taboo, blowjob clip you get to be My stepson. you have come to Me with a problem. you have an erection that won't go away because you have taken one of your dad's boner pills. A whole one at that which is 4 times what your dad takes. So stupid. I'm not taking you to the hospital and have them judge Me because I can't keep you out of the prescription cabinet. I tell you to go rub one out but you rebut that you already have twice. I think if you just empty your balls you'll lose interest and your erection. When I recommend you go for a third time you whine that you tried but haven't been able to cum again. Well, If there's one thing that I know how to do is make a man cum. Go to My room and get naked. I'm going to suck you off. Wipe that smile off your face this is for medical purposes only... and don't go bragging about it either.

Before Marrying My Daughter

So, you're marrying My daughter in a few days. Well, I'm not so sure that you can be faithful to Her. I see the way you're always checking Me out. I think it best that I get that out of your system so that you can devote yourself fully to My daughter. Do you want your soon to be Mother-In-Law to jerk you off? I can see that you not really in a position to say no to Me. Don't say a word. Lay back and enjoy because this is the last handy your ever going to get from Me. This memory will live in the back of your mind but your life will be all about My daughter from now on.

StepMom Makes the Rules

In this POV clip I'm your StepMom. As you walk into the kitchen you find Me there in My apron, smoking and perusing a cookbook. I'm trying to find a recipe for dinner as your new girlfriend is coming over. I have some rules around here though. The first one is no fucking in this house. I can't having you dropping that dick off in some bitch and knocking her up. No fucking. I forbid it. It's My house and I make the rules. I also enforce them. Wondering how I'm going to stop you? Well, StepMom is going to jerk that cock of yours right here, right now. I'm going to drain those balls so that you can't fuck her even if you want to. Consider yourself lucky to have a StepMom that cares so much. We have to hurry though. We can't have anyone coming home and catching us.

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Titty Teasing Jerkoff Instruction


Custom POV Video: Poor 't' I make him wait to cum so long. I love to tease and deny him but today he gets to rub one out to My cock teasing. I know just how much he loves to be teased with My nice MILF titties and a toy. I'll tease him, a lot, and instruct his masturbation until I coax out a huge load of cum. his feedback was that this was his favorite clip to date. That's saying a lot, he's been a fan since 2001.

Smoking MILF Rub and Tug


How many wet dreams have you had thinking about Me smoking while jerking you off? Too many I'm sure. In this clip no time is wasted. This POV smoking handjob clip starts with (your) dick in My hand and My ashtray on your thigh. After a few strokes I remove a Newport Menthol from the box and light up. I'll smoke while giving your cock a good rub and tug using several different techniques. I'm in no hurry today though. It's your dream so, we might as well make it last. I finish one cigarette and keep working My soft hands and fingers on your cock edging you several times and playing with the precum. I light up another cigarette. Something tells Me that you'll cum before I finish this one.

Leg Crossing MILF in Pantyhose


A sexy MILF in pantyhose and high heels walks into a room and sits in a chair before you. So badly you hope She will cross Her legs. She does. Aware that you are watching, She can't help but have that look, you know the one. She crosses Her legs multiple times while also showing off those amazing legs in pantyhose. She even dangles Her high heel. No words are exchanged but you can tell that She knows what you are doing while She teases. She can't help but smile at the end, knowing the mess you have made.

Fill your Lungs with My Smoke


Sexy high heels, long legs in pantyhose, big MILF cleavage but the part that gets to you is the smoking. I know and I have a plan for you today. I want you to inhale My smoke. Let it fill your lungs. Go ahead and suck it all in.

Titty Fuck StepMom


Caught ya snooping in My drawers again. Why do you keep going to the bra drawer? Do you have a fetish for StepMom's tits? I know you do. We can never let this go anywhere though. I would never risk My marriage for sex with you... but... maybe there is something we could do. Wanna titty fuck your StepMom? Whip out that big cock and let's get to it.

MILF Ass In Shiny Pants


My bad-ass MILF ass in shiny blue spandex pants. Did you cum already? Since you love My sweet ass in shiny things, I made this for you. Not gonna tell to jerk it today, mainly because I already know that you will. Instead, I'll tease you visually while you do what you always do when My hot MILF ass is on your screen.

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Newport Blowjob


Red fingernails, pink lips, smoking a Newport and sucking dick. Don't need to really add anything to that do I? If you're a fan of My smoking blowjobs then this is just what you like. No talking today, just Me smoking and blowing a cock until I get a mouthful of cum. Just your kind of video.

Sheer Ecstasy


The only thing better than a MILF in pantyhose is that same MILF in pantyhose with a sheer gusset. You know why. There is just so much to see in a teasing clip where She performs above you and you just can't help but get caught up in your own fantasy. A hot MILF, high heels, pantyhose and well... you know.

A Classy Broad


There's just something about a sexy woman smoking a cigar that just makes you think... damn! She's a classy broad. This classy gal is going to be enjoying a honey cigar today. I think you're going to like it... honey.

Wet Lips Make you Weak


mmm...Lips with purple lipstick, your favorite. Shall I make them wet with lip gloss for you. Where do you fantasize about Me putting these big, full, wet lips? Do you want them leaving a stain around your cock? Is that your fantasy? Of course that will never happen yet, you can't help but dream about it. Do they make you weak, still?

Yummy MILF Ass in Pantyhose


MILF, Ass and Pantyhose your three favorite things. Wanna bury your face in it? Maybe bite it and get lockjaw? Does it get you hot knowing there's just a thin layer of pantyhose between My sweet MILF pussy and your cock? I'm not going to tell you what to think or do in this one; but, I will put this yummy MILF ass in pantyhose on full display for you today. Feel like rubbing one out?

A Blast When It Lasts


Want a big cumshot? It takes time. I don't mean years or anything but you have to take your time getting there. Slow and steady wins the race as they say. I take My time with this cock. I'm in no hurry to get to the end today. I want to build up the eruption. My hands and fingers do masterful work to get him to the edge and just keep him there, for like 18 minutes. I continually let his cock fill with semen before denying him a release. Eventually I know that any contact could cause our fun to end. Now he's ready. I give him just enough friction to push him over the edge then I just hold it and wait. A big glob pops out a few inches followed by the frustration ejaculation. A blast of cum spewing high in the air. This is the one that every man wants. It even caught Me by surprise, evident by My reaction. It might have been even bigger if I had helped him through the finish but no, ruining him keeps him horny for next video we shoot. Plus as a bonus: Have you ever wondered what happens after the clip is done? I show you at the end of this one. you get to see My true reaction to today's finish.

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